Review: Clarins Hydraquench Cream for normal to dry skin

clarins hydraquench cream review

Spring and fall are awkward times for skincare. As the climate is transitioning from hot to cold, or cold to hot, your skin is also trying to adapt to the change in humidity in the air. As my skin transitions, I tend to break out more, as a sign of either too much moisture (causing clogged pores) or a lack of moisture (causing too much oil production in my skin, which also causes clogged pores).

A light hydrating cream is one of the most important product in my skin regime at this time of year. A good light hydrating cream is moisturizing enough so that my skin feels plump, but light enough so that there is little or no residue left on top of my skin after absorption. The Hydraquench Cream from Clarins satisfies my need for a light hydrating cream, making my skin plump and healthy after application.

My skin profile: I have very dehydrated cheeks with a t-zone that gets oily. I occasionally get break-outs, usually 1-2 around that time of the month. My main skin concerns are hyper-pigmentation and dehydration in the cheek area and fine lines in the eye area. My ideal skincare products are ones that provide good moisture to my skin, absorb quickly and leave no left-over product sitting on top of my skin.

What it claims (from Light and silky, smooth to apply and feather-light on the skin! Rapidly absorbed, this cream refreshes and hydrates.

Price: C$49.50 for 50mL

Texture and scent: Dense gel cream texture, powdery floral scent

clarins hydraquench cream review

The good: The Hydraquench Cream absorbs quickly, leaving little to no residue on the surface of my skin, depending on how much I apply. I normally apply about a nickel sized bit (about 1.5 cm diametre) on my face and neck, and I found that to be the perfect amount. I use a hydrating or brightening serum underneath, and I found this to be the perfect complement to any serum. I use the Hydraquench Cream at night, and I always wake up with super plump and well-rested skin, a perfect base for makeup because I just have to lightly moisturize during the day. The heavy glass jar is luxurious on my bathroom counter.

  • Hydrating
  • Absorbs quickly, little to no residue
  • Complements other skincare products used
  • Skin is plump and healthy-looking

The bad: There is silica and dimethicone in the ingredients, both of which I try to stray away from because I don’t think it does very much to actually help the skin, rather just sits on top to create the false illusion of good skin.

Overall: To be honest, if I didn’t receive this as a press sample, I probably would not have bought it based on the ingredients alone, but after trying this on my face, I was pleasantly surprised by it. This is a great all-around cream; the texture is thick enough that it’s moisturizing but light enough so that it absorbs quickly.

Product: 17/20
Packaging: 3.5/5
Value: 4/5
Overall: 24.5/30 | A-
Repurchase? Yes!


clarins hydraquench cream review
clarins hydraquench cream review
clarins hydraquench cream review


6 thoughts on “Review: Clarins Hydraquench Cream for normal to dry skin

    • Same here! It’s a pain to take around on travels but it looks beautiful on the bathroom counter. I also feel better when I’m spending more money on it, haha.

    • That’s so sad 😦 It’s good that it still works though. I’ve actually had good luck with products with high silicone content so maybe I should be adjusting my prejudice towards them. Another favourite of mine is Nars Aqua Gel Hydrator and that one is also full of silicone.

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