Thoughts: Anna Sui Base Coat, Nail Polish and Gel Top Coat

anna sui nail polish review and swatches
I am completely enamoured by Anna Sui’s newest nail polish bottle design; as mentioned in my fall preview, the bottles look like little ball gowns! I have about 3 other bottles of Anna Sui nail polish so I was excited to see how the new formulas compare to the old one, and also try out the new base and top coats.

The Anna Sui Base Coat is a pale pink shade that mattifies down after it dries on the nail. The brush is extremely easy to use, as it has a clean, flat edge that allows you to get as close to the cuticle as possible. It dries down quickly, and creates a smooth base to apply nail polish on top of.

I used this base coat with my other nail polishes, in addition to the Anna Sui one and I found that wear time was neither decreased nor increased. It is a super cute bottle to keep on your vanity, so bonus points just for that. Priced at $15 for 8mL, you don’t get a significant amount but you don’t need much to cover your whole nail. In fact, this is probably one of the base coats where you need a lot less product each time you use it. Bottom line is, I would still recommend it even though it is relatively expensive; it is a good product at the end of the day and I can see myself re-purchasing this.

The Anna Sui Nail Polish shade I received was 402, a beautiful jelly finish burgundy with gold specked glitter. I actually have a similar one from Anna Sui’s old formula in the heart bottle, but the finish is completely different. The old formula is more of a cream finish while this one is a jelly finish. I absolutely love this colour and think that it’s perfect for fall. It’s different from most other fall polish shades because it is a jelly finish, and because of that it looks younger. The polish came with a flat edged brush that made applicator a breeze. I used two coats in the swatches, which, because of the jelly finish, is medium opaque. The polish lasted about a week with minimal tip wear.

As you can see from my fall preview, there is an army of different shades that you can choose from; there’s likely to be one that suits your skintone and preferences!

anna sui nail polish review and swatches

Lastly, the Anna Sui Gel Top Coat is a whole different story. In the same kind of bottle and flat edge applicator, it applies super smoothly and easily but you do need a lot more product for it to be more of a gel-effect. It is extremely shiny, almost glassy, but that’s where the good stuff ends. This stuff takes FOREVER to dry. I’ve washed my hands 2 hours after my manicure and it still smudged. You can see in my swatch photos that there are little marks on the surface of the nail and that’s from my bedsheets… hours after my manicure. At today’s fast-moving pace, I didn’t feel that that was acceptable. I didn’t try UV-curing it but it’s not supposed to be UV cured in the first place, so I got a little confused. If you’ve tried this before and you’re happy with how it turns out, please let me know what I’m doing wrong!

Overall: I recommend the Base Coat and Nail Polish shades, but not the Gel Top Coat.

Have you tried Anna Sui’s nail products?

anna sui nail polish review and swatches


2 thoughts on “Thoughts: Anna Sui Base Coat, Nail Polish and Gel Top Coat

  1. The bottles are SO cute!! I can’t stand when my manicures are still getting smudged by things HOURS after I’ve done them. I’m glad it’s not just me that that happens to 🙂

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