Recap: Metrotown at Metropolis x LouLou Shop ‘Til You Drop shopping night!


On September 26, I attended the Metrotown at Metropolis Shop ‘Til You Drop evening of shopping in collaboration with LouLou Magazine. While Shop ‘Til You Drop has been taking place for several years now, it was actually my first time attending, and my understanding is that it’s getting bigger and better every year.

This year, in addition to the many awesome discounts from retailers that were valid for just the one night, there were also complimentary manicure services, style advice, makeovers, swag bags, and lots of contests and giveaways running the entire night.

In the grand atrium, LouLou Magazine had the entire space set up like a giant closet where editors and stylists were giving style advice, and also presentations on the latest fall trends. There were also contests and giveaways taking place at different stations around the mall, giving shoppers opportunities to win gift cards, prizes, and more. Metropolis at Metrotown was even randomly giving away gift cards to shoppers in line for their swag bag.


I’ve been trying to cut down on my shopping these couple of months, but even I couldn’t resist the allure of discounts at some of my favourite stores, such as Oak + Fort, Plenty, H&M and Forever 21. I ended up getting myself a long cardigan from Oak + Fort (crazy soft and super comfy!), and also a skirt from Club Monaco that was deeply discounted.

Lastly, recently it has become evident that Metropolis at Metrotown is really trying to step up its social media game. As one of the most active Lower Mainland shopping centres on social media, I applaud their efforts in trying to connect more with the shopper. Shopping centre management and administrators, not just brick-and-mortar retailers, are now facing the very real threat of competition by online retailers. By actively being on social media and connecting with the consumers on a more personal level, they’ve turned shopping into something more than just the purchase of goods. Rather, it is becoming an experience that people can enjoy, regardless of the price point of the goods they are purchasing, and at all levels of retail. Kudos to Metropolis at Metrotown!

Anyways back on topic… I look forward to attending Shop ‘Til You Drop again next year to see what else they have up their sleeve! And also to enjoy the shopping, of course.

If you’re in Vancouver, have you attended Shop ‘Til You Drop before, and what did you think of it? If you’re not in Vancouver, is there a similar shopping event like this in your hometown?



6 thoughts on “Recap: Metrotown at Metropolis x LouLou Shop ‘Til You Drop shopping night!

  1. wow! not sure if I didn’t pay attention or I really didn’t hear about it but I didn’t hear about this event! What time was the event?

  2. i think maybe toronto has this…but i can’t remember. i can’t wait to come by and drop for next year! i live like 3 mins from metro! …well…use to anyways lol

    • Yes I believe LouLou Magazine collaborates with shopping centres across Canada 🙂 I hope you can come back to Vancouver next year and join us at Metropolis at Metrotown!

  3. Oh my gosh I wish I’d known about this!! I definitely would have been there! How do you find out about things like this? Do you have a great go-to place for events around the Metro Vancouver area? Just curious 🙂


    • Hi Bailey! I just stalk around Twitter and Facebook, and most of the times my friends are sharing events on Facebook so I see them. For this event, I knew about it from last year, and the Metrotown media relations person also contacted me to see if I was interested in attending. Most of the times, it’s just good stalking on the social media networks for upcoming events 🙂

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