Feature: limited edition Revlon x Marchesa Nail Appliqués + dress/appliqués pairings

revlon marchesa review

The hottest beauty x fashion collaboration of this year has got to be the one with Revlon and Marchesa. The couture fashion powerhouse has come together with Revlon to create a set of 8 limited edition nail appliqués. I’m giving a set of these nail appliqués on my Instagram, please check it out!

My first impression is that everything in this set is beautiful and a must have in every beauty lover’s kit. All of the appliqués are so intricately made, just like the couture Marchesa dresses. Designed by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, these nail appliqués are the closest thing I’m going to get to a real Marchesa dress.

revlon marchesa review

All of these nail appliqués are made three-dimensional, just like a gel nail set you’d get at a salon except without a UV light. They are extremely easy to apply, just stick on and go. On the nail, they looks as pretty as in the packaging: relatively flashy, and can provide a bit of oomph to any outfit.

As for the wear time, I was slightly disappointed because mine only lasted about 12 hours before the edges started to lift up. I then applied top coat on them so that they would stick better, but then the appliqués reacted to the chemicals in the top coat and wrinkled up, so I didn’t have a smooth surface on the appliqués anymore, but it managed to last me another 2 and a bit days before some of the appliqués, especially on my index and middle finger, started coming off.

The bottom line is that I think this is a great product to wear for special occasions, or for collecting/historical purposes. I plan on using the rest of mine for Christmas parties and weddings coming up and they still make really great, relatively inexpensive manicures for special occasions (beats paying $50-100 for a set of gel nails for a one-day event!)

Priced at $8.95, the Revlon x Marchesa nail appliqués are available mid-October at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, and most other places that sell Revlon in Canada. They are limited edition though, so if you plan on catching-em-all, please do ensure you shop early for the most selection.

Some tips on how to apply and maintain them for optimal wear time:

  • File the edges in one direction. I was confused when the instructions said to file in one direction so I just filed normally and then the edges came out jagged. Super bummed about that 😦
  • Apply a top coat. It will come out slightly wrinkly but it will become literally shrink-wrapped on and will last DAYS longer than if you didn’t apply top coat.
  • Per Revlon’s Twitter, choose a size larger so the appliqué wraps around the entire nail.
  • Buff the surface of your nails so you have a flat, smooth, even surface; this ensures that the appliqués stick evenly on your nails.

The dresses that inspired the appliqués (left to right, matched from top to bottom):

revlon marchesa review
revlon marchesa review
revlon marchesa reviewrevlon marchesa review

MORE dress/appliqué photos…

IMG_8597revlon marchesa reviewrevlon marchesa review
revlon marchesa review

IMG_8604revlon marchesa review
revlon marchesa review


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    • Are you starting to hunt them down in store now? I’m tempted to get a set just to keep for collection purposes as I will probably be using my current set up… what to do, what to do, lol

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