Stuff I want but can’t afford: Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps


Okay I might get called out on this one, no I don’t have a pair of Louboutins yet. While I’ve been lusting after them for years now, I can’t get myself to pay for them. I came really close last year when I had some gift cards accumulated that would cover most of the cost of this, but instead and went and bought a Dior wallet (a better investment, I think). The Louboutin Simple pumps are the simplest of the simplest heels you can get from Louboutin – hence the name. They are really minimalist, which I absolutely love because you can pair them with anything. Available in 3 different heel heights – 70mm, 85mm or 100mm (or you can also get the 120mm with a platform), you can choose your level of comfort, literally. They are available in a beautiful nude-y pink, black and camel year-round, as well as in patent or regular calfskin.

You can get yours for $625-650 at Saks or anywhere else that stocks Louboutin.


2 thoughts on “Stuff I want but can’t afford: Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps

  1. the pumps are indeed beautiful nude-y pink, they would also be what my sister likes to refer to as “expensive pink”.

    We ran into the same trouble when shopping for a pair of nude pumps for her grad. She wanted “expensive pink” one. *rolls eye*
    We literally went into every shoe store starting in Metrotown, Burnaby, to the Seattle outlets. She finally decided on a pair from Macy (and holy smokes I swear half the shoes we saw were the same ones) that was around $60.

    Unfortunately you don’t get to choose your heel heights, but that’s subjective to what height you’re comfortable with.

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