Stuff I want but can’t afford: Valentino Lock Bag


I’ve realized that my blog posts have become increasingly monotone and boring, and in an effort to jazz it up a bit, I’ve decided to share some of the unreachable accessories on my wishlist. If you see anything that is on your wishlist too, please do let me know so we can squeal with glee together – drooling optional.

If you follow my Instagram you will know that I am a HUGE fan of the Valentino Rockstud line. I have a pair of the Rockstud Noir 1 inch heel pumps but I want MOAR, including the gorgeous tone-on-tone nude combo pumps. I’ve been lusting after the Valentino Lock bag from the same Rockstud line for about a year now but I can’t convince myself to just bite the bullet and buy it. It’s a similar design to the Chanel classic flap but edgier, which the studded flap and the lock buckle. The classic beige-pink shade (shown above), can be paired with anything and everything, plus you can dress it up or dress it down. It also comes in exotic skins, patent or matte leather, and colourblocked.

Priced at approximately $2000 for the medium size (shown in the photo above is the small), you can get your very own at Farfetch.


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