Review: Chanel #4 Blush Brush

chanel blush brush review
I’m constantly on the lookout for that HG blush brush. I’ve come pretty close to it with the Rock & Republic blush brush, which I bought about 3-4 years ago but it has already been discontinued. A few months ago, I had a gift card from Holt Renfrew that was about to expire and I couldn’t find anything to spend it on, thus I bought the Chanel #4 Blush Brush. This brush, priced at $52 CAD is not at all affordable, but when I played with it at the Chanel counter, I was set on getting it.

Chanel revamped their brush collection two years ago and the #4 Blush Brush was a part of the revamp. The blush brush is made of all natural hairs. The size is relatively small, you can see a comparison of it below with the MAC 168, and the hairs are short and bushy. I love that the size is smaller than other blush brushes on the market because I like to be very precise about where I deposit my blush, and this brush is great at applying blush right on the apples of the cheeks. In addition, the bushy-ness helps to blend out the colour to a very natural finish.

chanel blush brush review

The brush is super soft; even on my sensitive cheeks I can’t feel any scratchiness at all. The softness of the brush helps to prevent any powder flyaway when the brush is being swirled around even the softest of blushes.

The downside is that it is quite expensive, at $52 CAD and $54 USD. It is also Made in China, which I was surprised to find out after I brought mine home. Regardless, the quality is superb and I can imagine myself using this for years to come.

Have you found your HG blush brush yet? Please share it with us!

chanel blush brush review
chanel blush brush review
chanel blush brush review


2 thoughts on “Review: Chanel #4 Blush Brush

  1. yes i have one! its from crown and langnickle. can’t remember what the number is off the top of my head but it fits perfectly on the apples of my cheeks and has the right fibre density. i really love it and will probably pick up some extras once IMATS comes around.

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