Anna Sui fall makeup preview

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Anna Sui is doing a complete relaunch of their products in Canada for fall 2013, and I got a sneak peek of all the new products being introduced into the Canadian market. If you’ve been a long-time reader of Maddy Loves, you know that Anna Sui is one of my favourite beauty brands, I’ve been using their products for nearly 10 years, and watched as their product formulations and packaging changed over the years. Thus I was super excited and honoured to be invited to their fall preview event at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

Keep in mind that this fall preview is of their entire line because it is a complete relaunch, so some of the products you see in my photos, you’ve probably already seen in person if you’ve ever visited an Anna Sui counter. Anna Sui is now available at select Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale locations, as well as four The Bay locations across Canada – Yorkdale, Eaton Centre, Sherway, Downtown Vancouver.

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Anna Sui cosmetics’ relaunch in Canada will include the following lip products:

  • Lipsticks in two textures – one more opaque and one more glossy
  • Lipglosses in two textures – one more like a lip lacquer and one more of a gloss
  • Crayon – a velvet finish lip crayon that can be used like lipstick or like a lipliner
  • Lip concealer – can be used to conceal on or around the lips
  • Lip balm – one of the original products that never had a change in formula, ingredients include jojoba oil and other good oils to help nourish the lips
  • Rouge – a gloss that goes on clear but changes with the temperature of your lips to create your personalized shade of lip colour
  • And the star product – Lip Colour Top Coat – a long lasting topcoat you apply on your normal lipstick (only works on lipsticks or crayons, not glosses). It dries down to a velvety finish and DOES NOT BUDGE. I tried it on at the event and it was really cool, but I will review it properly after I’ve done a proper test of it.

Photo 2013-07-25 12 59 41 PM

The nail products will include

  • Nail polish in two formulations – one for all-over colour (bottle with the verticle stripes) and one for nail art (bottle with the scalloped design)
  • Base coat – according to the brand representative this base coat is formulated with jojoba oil and other oils that are good for the maintenance of your nail beds, and with it you only need one coat of polish to get an opaque effect
  • Gel top coat – a thick-ish gel top coat that is super shiny and elongates the life of your polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail care oil

Photo 2013-07-25 1 03 30 PM
Photo 2013-07-25 1 21 13 PM

Eye products include:

  • Eyeshadow – choose your own eyeshadow singles from powder or cream formulae, and create your own palette
  • Mascara in two formulations – the Perfect Mascara, a lengthening and volumizing mascara in one and an Amplifying Mascara that is essentially an eyelash lacquer used on top of your normal mascara to create a doll-eye effect
  • Mascara base
  • Eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder
  • Liquid liner pen
  • Pencil liner in a variety of shades
  • Eye brightener – an undereye concealer and primer in one

Photo 2013-07-25 1 21 18 PM

Base/face products include:

  • Primer in two formulations – a moisturizing primer (SPF 18 PA++) and a normal primer (SPF 30 PA++)
  • Powder foundation in 5 shades
  • Liquid foundation in 5 shades
  • Loose powder in 4 shades (in the vanity-top box packaging)
  • Loose compact powder in 4 shades (in a travel-friendly compact)
  • Spot concealer in 3 shades
  • Face protection cream with SPF 50 PA+++
  • Rose Cheek Colour blush in 6 shades

Photo 2013-07-25 1 21 23 PM

Lastly, to celebrate Anna Sui beauty’s 15 year anniversary, the Ring Rouge will be brought back! The redesigned Ring Rouge will come in 8 shades and will be released with the rest of the makeup line.

Photo 2013-07-25 1 00 28 PM

There is also a plethora of accessories coming out, including their signature makeup trays, brush holders and mirrors. Skincare products will not be back with the relaunch at this moment but they may come back in the near future. Fragrances have always been here and there will be a new fragrance coming out soon as well – La Vie de Boheme – a fruity-floral concoction that can only described as being very Anna.

I will have products to test and review for you shortly, so please hang tight. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos I’ve taken of the event. You can see more photos on my Instagram as well:


5 thoughts on “Anna Sui fall makeup preview

  1. huzzah. i definietly think this brand does not get as much attention as other high end brands. glad to hear they’re putting in some marketing power towards the relaunch.

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