Everyday favourites – blushes!


My morning makeup routine is very simple – foundation, powder, blush, mascara. I work in a relatively conservative environment so the makeup I wear is minimal. I like to make it more interesting (as interesting as it can get!) but switching up my blushes to suit my outfit for the day.


I am a major hoarder of blushes, but I routinely reach for just a few of them. In addition to the Marcelle Jelly Cheek Flushes, I’ve been wearing (from left to right) Chanel Joues Constraste in Rose Initiale (original review), Chanel Joues Constraste in Espiegle (original review), and MAC Prim and Proper, from the Liberty of London collection a few years ago.


Rose Initiale is a true blue-based pink, Espiegle is a peach with gold shimmers, and Prim and Proper is a beige with some plum and brown undertones. These blushes are all super easy to apply as it is hard to over-apply them, especially during the morning rush while I am still likely half asleep.

My blush brush of choice is Chanel brush #4, which is the perfect size for my cheeks. I also use Rock & Republic blush brush, which was my favourite blush brush before the Chanel one came into my life, but sadly has already been discontinued.

Which are your favourite blushes to use on a daily basis? Please share!


6 thoughts on “Everyday favourites – blushes!

    • Thanks for sharing! I haven’t tried Tarte Amazonian Clay blush yet *ashamed to admit it*. Which shades do you normally lean towards, Jayne?

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