Obsession: Royal Albert bone china tea sets




I’m a big fan of spending my weekend afternoons sipping on tea. Recently I’ve become obsessed with Royal Albert tea sets. They are made of bone china, which is china that is comprised of at least 25-50% bone ash. Yes it sounds a little creepy but the end result is a beautiful, semi-translucent china that is very durable and will last for generations.

Royal Albert has been around for more than 100 years. From the homeland of afternoon teas, England, Royal Albert is known for both the quality of their china as well as the beautiful, intricate designs they have printed on their china.

Recently, I acquired a tea serving set in the print New Country Rose (shown above), which is a simple yet elegant design. I love that the rose print is so simple, which means it can be used with both matching and non-matching tea cups and saucers. As I really love many of their prints, settling on just one print for a tea set has been an impossible task.


The Festival print (shown above), is a design from the 1950s which was recently resurrected for a limited time in celebration of the brand’s 100th anniversary, among others. Royal Albert also released two limited edition sets that are comprised of teacups and saucers in a variety of designs, five in each set (shownbelow), one for each decade of Royal Albert’s existence. I’m tempted to buy a set (or two), just so I can actually use my tea serving set.

ra-100-years-teaware-mood img_0294


Now I just have to organize an afternoon tea party at my place and everything will be perfect.

keep-calm-collect-royal-albert-china-3 (1)



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