Feature: Brush roll made by Fushigi Shop

I’m completely obsessed with the Fushigi Shop, an online boutique selling jewelry and sewn goods handmade by Yasumi of Worship at the House of Blues. Previously I’ve purchased unique jewelry made by Yasumi, but recently she’s started stocking on brush rolls and of course I bought two, just because I couldn’t resist the beautiful fabric that she uses on her creations. Yasumi uses a combination of contemporary fabrics from Liberty with traditional Japanese fabrics.

I recently received one of the two I purchased (I purchased them at separate times), and was amazed at the quality and detail put into it. The entire thing is padded and feels very squishy, but not bulky. The fabric feels smooth in my hands and of superior quality. I also really like the size, as it is the depth of the pockets are just long enough for the brush handles without the entire brush sinking into the pocket. I can clearly tell that Yasumi put a lot of attention and care into making these.

The one I have is with Hello Kitty x Liberty fabric and lined with a cotton Japanese-print fabric. You can see more photos of it at Fushigi Shop here.

Love? A thousand times yes.



2 thoughts on “Feature: Brush roll made by Fushigi Shop

    • All of my brushes are similar in length and size, and the longest one fits into the brush roll. I like that it’s not too “deep” because then the entire brush sinks into the pocket, including the hairs, which means when I take it out of the pocket the hairs become damage. This doesn’t happen with this one. Also because the fabric is super smooth, the brushes don’t rub against the fabric, damaging the hairs. I currently have it holding MAC, Sonia Kashuk, Quo and Rock & Republic brushes. I hope that helps!

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