Thoughts: Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Multi-purpose Contact Lens Solution


Disclaimer: I am not an optometrist, nor am I an expert in eye care. I seldom wear contacts as my eyes are very dry so I prefer glasses. If you need expert advice on eye care, please consult your optometrist or eye care specialist. Please bear this in mind when reading this review. I am only expressing what I feel when I am using this product and in no way should you take it as expert advice. I am not responsible if anything happens to you when you use this product. Thank you.

I’m not an expert in eye care, I seldom wear contact lenses because my eyes are dry and I really don’t know what the cool lingo that they use on the bottles mean. When I look for contact lens solution, I usually look for something that is moisturizing, but still cleans the lenses properly, and preferably no-rub for convenience sake.

When I first received the Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Multi-purpose Solution from the PR office, I was really excited to use it. My usual contact lens solution that I use is Renu Fresh Multi-purpose solution, also by Bausch + Lomb, that is no-rub and my eyes are pretty used to the formula. So when I tried out Biotrue, my natural instinct was to compare the two. Biotrue requires rubbing, which is also a star off in my books. Also I found that Biotrue dries out my eyes faster than Renu Fresh, which I was surprised to find because Biotrue was supposed to be all natural, pH balanced to match tears and everything else that the bottle says. On a cleanliness level, I felt that Renu Fresh and Biotrue were about the same even though Biotrue required rubbing, I didn’t find that Biotrue kept my eyes moist at all.

On a positive note, I do really like the bottle design of both this and the Renu Fresh because both are in clear bottles so you can see how much solution you have left. The plastic is also pretty soft so you can easily squeeze out the solution even when you just have a bit left in the bottle.

I do realize that these types of products are very much based on personal preference so I would recommend 1) go see your optometrist or eye doctor if you are interested in this product, 2) buying a small bottle of this to try if it it looks like something you might like, and 3) read another review at, written by my friend MizzJ who has a completely different opinion.


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