Introducing Clinique “Service as you like it” counters at the Bay Downtown Vancouver

Wide counter shot_8180

Clinique recently opened a “Service as you like it” counter at the Bay in Downtown Vancouver. This is only the second of its kind in Canada, the other one being in Montreal. This is also the only counter in North America that uses English and Chinese signs. The counter design one that I find truly innovative and something I think all beauty brands should adopt. With the widespread use of the internet, more and more consumers are become more informed about the products that are available on the marketplace, and to be quite frank, some people don’t need product consultants anymore because they know exactly what they want.

Clinique has developed this counter for the convenience of all of their shoppers. Whether you just want to grab something during lunch hour and go, or you need a skincare consultation, they will be able to meet all of your needs.

Skin care round table wide_8118

Everything is laid out for your convenience, including all of the skincare products, base and colour makeup products. The products are organized by skin type, need and also product line so basically anyone can find what they need easily.  All of the product stock is also placed directly underneath the product descriptions so if you need to buy something quickly, you can just grab, pay and go without having to wait for someone to help you.

Skin care & treatment wall with iPADL_8198

Another feature that I really like is how they have their best sellers neatly placed out for their customers to see. Sometimes when I encounter a beauty brand I just want to know what their most popular products are. This is an easy and accessible way for all customers to see their most loved products. This stand in particular is geared towards Clinique’s big following from customers from Asia.

Asia Best Sellers_8143

I first learned about this bracelet service on a British blog that described how they first implemented this at Selfridges in London. You choose a bracelet based on if you want to just buy and go (white), browse in peace (pink) or you want a consultation (green). This aligns perfectly with their “Service as you like it” philosophy.

Service As You Like It Bracelets

Also what I absolutely love is that they have prices out in the open written beside the product names. One of the most annoying things that happens to me when I am shopping for beauty products is that if I want to know the price of a product, I have to talk to a sales associate which means they will start to assume that I want to buy something. Most times, I don’t want to buy, I just want to browse. Having the set-up this way means that customers can browse in peace.

Colour Table close_8104

To help with the consultations, there are also iPads installed in the store that can help you decide which products you need based on a series of questions that you answer. This is completely unbiased and you don’t have to worry about sales associates pushing products to you.

Clinique Apple iPad 2 Skin Diagnostic

The Clinique “Service as you like it” counter is now open at the Bay in Downtown Vancouver in the main beauty hall. I highly recommend that you take a look around. In general though, the Bay in Downtown Vancouver has down an amazing job renovating the entire store, including installing full-size beauty counters like the one shown here, as well as adding a Topshop, a designer clothing section at the Room on the 2nd floor, and rumour has it, Uniqlo is set to move in as well.

Wide shot centre_8113


4 thoughts on “Introducing Clinique “Service as you like it” counters at the Bay Downtown Vancouver

  1. Very nice! I hate asking for prices too. This is what disuades me from going to a store. I love Clinique but didn’t know they have a huge following in Asia. That’s awesome! 🙂 I hope they make this type of service in San Francisco too 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting, Jen! I think they’re planning on rolling out similar counters in North America, I’m sure San Francisco will be one of them as there’s a huge Asian population there too!

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