A tale of two dresses

This past weekend, I took a 2-day road trip with my girls – Sarah, MizzJ, Karen, Angela and Ashley – down to Seattle for some shopping. I’ve been obsessed with clean-cut, modern work dresses with a trendy twist for the past couple of months so I took this opportunity to look for some.

The first thing on my list was a black or grey peplum dress. Zara had released some peplum dresses since early this year but the cut, fit and material of the dresses were not worth the money they charged for it. At the very first mall we went to (Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood), I saw this gorgeous peplum dress at The Limited. At first I wasn’t sure about the split peplum in the front or the stretchy knit fabric (I was looking for more of the non-stretchy, blazer fabric), but J convinced me to try it on, and I was super glad she did.


This dress fits beautifully around my curves, hiding my flaws but accentuating where it needs to be accentuated. My waist looks more cinched, giving me an hourglass figure. As the fabric is so soft, the peplum is very subtle because it doesn’t stick out awkwardly like other peplum dresses on the market. The stretchy fabric has more give, making it extremely comfortable to move around in. I am normally a size medium in 95% of the clothes I buy, but this one I had to size down to a small because the medium was too loose around my armpit area. The small fit me perfectly in all aspects.


The only thing about this dress that is very annoying is the hidden zipper sometimes doesn’t zip up so smoothly because of the sewn-in “belt” at the back, which creates folds in the fabric and some places are thicker than others. Some times it takes more effort to sew it up.

This dress retails $89.90 but The Limited had a 40% off all items in store at the time of my purchase, so I was able to get it for around $60 including tax.

The second dress from the shopping trip that I am very happy about is the crop-top two part dress from Ann Taylor. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I am completely obsessed with Ann Taylor as their clothes are clean, modern, comfortable but still affordable compared to other companies that have similar offerings. This dress has a simple black and white pattern with a crop top that accentuates the waist-line. It is not as fitted compared to the peplum dress from The Limited, but it still gives me a nice hourglass figure. The material is also stretchy, which translates to comfort.


I am normally a size 6 (or Medium) at Ann Taylor but I had to size down to a size 4 for this dress (as well as for this top that I bought). The size 6 fits, but is slightly loose around the waist area; the size 4 fits perfectly. The same dress also comes in a blue and red here. It retails for $98 with no discount so it came to about $110 for me after tax. I plan on wearing it often so it will probably be worth it.

What do you think of these dresses? Do they look like something you’ll add to your closet?


10 thoughts on “A tale of two dresses

  1. omg I love the dresses, esp the peplum one from the limited. great sale also! i’ve been eyeing those peplum dresses/skirts from zara too but didn’t think they were worth the money for the price tag, I am curious to try them on since I think they would help create a waist for my non-existent straight waist…hahaha

    • Thanks Lulu! You should try the peplum dress! I’ve gained weight recently and my waist is straight now, but the peplum helped to make me a fake waist, haha

  2. I love both these dresses on you and I’m very happy that you bought them both! They are both such classic pieces that you can wear a ton. Also, I see that you had to size down for both of these – perhaps our workouts are working?? 😉

  3. That was fast! As I said before, I’m not a fan of the peplum trend but the dress looks great on you and at a great price to boot! I should follow your example and focus more on shopping for workwear and not makeup XD

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