Swatches/thoughts: Stila All Over Shimmer in Rose Gold Shimmer


The Stila All Over Shimmer is new for summer. It is a liquid highlighter/blush in a bottle with a brush, kind of like nail polish. Rose Gold Shimmer is exactly what the name says, it is a beautiful rose gold highlighter. It looks mighty pigmented in the bottle and also swatched as a lump, but once it is blended out, the colour is more natural and quite beautiful.


The colour blends pretty easily and dries down to an almost wet powder, which is interesting.


A couple of downsides, I dislike the brush applicator because I don’t think it is very sanitary, I would have preferred a pump or squeeze dispenser. Also I found that once it is blended out, it feels a little bit gritty, as in there is some glitter.

Overall I think this is a nice blush/highlighter to have, but definitely not a must-have if you already have a highlighter you usually go with, due to the fact that there is some glittery feeling and also the packaging. It is still worth it to take a look if you happen to have a Stila counter near you.

The Stila All Over Shimmer is available now at your local Stila counter or on for $24. It comes in 4 different shades – Pink Shimmer, Bronze Shimmer, Rose Gold Shimmer and Kitten Shimmer.




7 thoughts on “Swatches/thoughts: Stila All Over Shimmer in Rose Gold Shimmer

  1. Yup, the packaging is what annoys me too. This is the exact same reason why I stay away from the Benefit tints. It’s just so fussy >:\

  2. Completely agree on the packaging. I usually dab it on the back of my hand, and then apply with a fan brush. I do love the colour though, I like how it looks against my pale skin tone.

  3. Yes I agree on the packaging, I’m big on keeping my makeup super sanitary! It’s really pretty blended out, not a shade I would normally go for by the packaging.

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