Swatches: Chanel Joues Constraste in 72 Rose Initiale for Fall 2012 (US version)


Chanel Joues Constraste are my little guilty pleasures and I’ve been looking for the perfect rose-pink blush for the longest time. When swatches of Rose Illusion surfaced on the internet, I was so excited because this looked like “the one.” Also I had a few eBay bucks left over so I was able to get this blush for a good price on eBay, which is also why it is the US pressed blush formula and not the usual international baked blush formula that I’m able to get.


Rose Initiale is a coral pink-rose with a very subtle sheen. Here are some swatches (on the left) in comparison to Rose Petale (on the right):


This is my first US-version blush by Chanel and I’m pleasantly surprised. I always knew that our lovely neighbours to the south always complained about how bad the baked version is compared to their pressed version, and I finally know why. The pressed version is super, and I emphasize the super, finely milled, soft and pigmented compared to our baked version.


Compared to my Rose Petale, which is a baked blush, Rose Initiale is so much softer and pigmented. I achieved the swatches above with just one swipe of Rose Initiale, versus about 3-4 swipes of Rose Petale. The downside to how pigmented it is is that I will have to be extra careful about how much I apply, compared to now when I can easily just build up the colours.

I love my Rose Initiale and I think I’m a convert to the US pressed versions of Joues Constraste. The texture and pigmentation difference is worth it for me to order in the US. Did I forget to mention that the US version contains 6 grams of product where the international version only has four grams? Sadness, I know.

6 thoughts on “Swatches: Chanel Joues Constraste in 72 Rose Initiale for Fall 2012 (US version)

  1. What…bigger? Now I might have to shop in the US to purchased my beauty products. Rose Initiale is a very nice shade of pink and it’s nice to hear that it’s pretty pigmented too.

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