“Go big or go home” – the big reveal! [very pic heavy!]


I’ve been really bad lately, buying a pair of nice shoes and then now a nice bag. I was thinking about writing this huge long novel about how I’ve been lemming after a designer bag since university but was too poor for it, yadda yadda yadda. Well that is kind of true, but the real truth is that a girl is allowed to spoil herself once in a while right?


Just like my friend over at Just J, this bag has a pretty cool name, it’s called the Just Mademoiselle bag. I love how it’s almost “open concept.” There’s a zipper compartment in the centre but the two sides are open, which is perfect for me because I like to just throw my stuff in my bag and go. There’s also a magnetic closure that helps everything stay together, which is also great.


See more pics!

In case you’re not familiar with Chanel bags, this one is in black lambskin with aged gold hardware. I love the vintage look, don’t you?


The back.


The side. The one thing about lambskin in combination with this style of bag is that it slouches slightly, and it will slouch more and more over time, that’s why I always keep it stuffed with tissue paper.


Size comparison. This bag will fit an iPad or any tablet smaller than an iPad.


There are 3 compartments inside, plus one zipper compartment, and two pockets for a phone or small things. The middle compartment can be zipped up and it is also the biggest of the three and will fit all of the essentials, like a wallet, sunglasses case, et cetera.


A magnetic closure to keep everything safe.


Made in Italy


On last look at the lambskin detail.


What do you think?


25 thoughts on ““Go big or go home” – the big reveal! [very pic heavy!]

  1. Ahh finally! I really like the size and shape of this bag. It’s practical but still gorgeous and classic.And it goes great with your blue nail polish lol!

  2. GORGEOUS!! Damn, now you make me think I need to stuff my lambskin bags too. I literally just throw them (in their dustbag ) into my closet haha. The bag looks beautiful and so useful with all the compartments. Cannot wait to touch it later in person haha

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