Experience: Stripped Wax Bar in Kits

I was invited in to Stripped Wax Bar’s newest Kitsilano location in Vancouver to experience a wax of my choice. With summer coming, this is the perfect time to shed your winter coat and get stripped! Stripped Wax Bar in Kits is located on W. 4th Avenue, about two blocks west of W. 4th and Burrard. It is a quaint little location that has a purple and black/white theme.

When I walked in, I was greeted warmly by the girls, and even though I arrived 30 minutes early, they were very accommodating and made my room available for me right away. In their reception, they have water available for guests, as well as a very comfortable lounge area. They also sell very cute undergarments for women, as well as “cleansing supplies” for women.

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I opted for a full leg wax, and the lady who did my service, Jill, was super nice. She explained the process to me and asked me to confirm if I wanted the full leg wax and if there was anything she should take note of when she was doing the service for me. I found her service to be very attentive, which is great because everyone is different and no two services should be the same.

She rubbed a thin coat of tea tree oil on the areas where she was about to go in with the wax, to protect the skin. The wax she used was a very good temperature, very warm but not hot. She waxed in areas, doing one area at a time and then after she was done that area, rubbing some more tea tree oil to soothe the skin. The whole service took about 30-45 minutes and she chatted with me the entire time.

I felt extremely comfortable when I was on the bed, which is very important, especially if you were going in for a bikini or Brazilian wax because you’re lying, kind of exposed, in front of a stranger. Just that level of comfort she gave me makes me give her extra stars.

After I came out, Susan, the owner (or “Smooth Operator”) asked me for my feedback and also gave me information about how to maintain my legs between waxes. This was great because the last couple of times I went for a wax, no one did that.

A couple of additional things that I want to mention but I don’t know where to insert it, so I’m just going to say it here:

  • The place is CLEAN, very clean, which is what you want in a wax bar/spa.
  • There are four treatment rooms plus one bathroom that is environmentally friendly with an environmentally toilet and fabric towels to wipe your hands instead of paper towels
  • They do not double dip, which should be a given but many places don’t really follow that rule
  • They also offer services for men, which is great

Even though I didn’t pay for my service, I’ve taken a look at the prices and they are completely reasonable for the level of service you get. The full leg wax is $48, compared to normally $60, 70 or even 80 at other places. I also appreciate that they specialize in waxes, so they are the wax experts. From a marketing point of view (puts on business student thinking hat), a company that only does one thing  is much more specialized at that than a company that does multiple things that also includes that one.

I would recommend Stripped Wax Bar if you are looking for a chic, funky place to get a wax that is also informative and offers great service with great prices. They have two locations in Vancouver, one in Yaletown and one in Kits. The Kits location is bigger, just because everything in Yaletown in tiny, so I would recommend that if you are looking for some last minute appointments, also because Jill is there.

Kitsilano: 1990 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver | 604.566.9755
Yaletown: 1226 Hamilton Street, Vancouver | 604.681.8660

Questions, comments? You can either let me know or give them a call directly at the numbers listed above!

More photos!

19 thoughts on “Experience: Stripped Wax Bar in Kits

  1. I have a low threshold for pain & I’d cry like baby if I got my legs wax but the service sounds great. I love that you can get Vagazzled there too LOL!

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