Almay Summer launch event!

I was really fortunate to be able to attend the Almay launch of their new and upcoming summer products. We were also reintroduced to some of Almay’s most popular products. Jacquie, the national makeup artist for Revlon and Almay in Canada, was in attendance to show us some of the ways we can use the products.

Did you know Almay is the most popular brand of drugstore makeup remover in North America? Not surprising because they have several different makeup remover products aimed at different skin types and also for removing different things. Their Eye Makeup Remover Pads, one of their most well-known products, is available in oil free, which is a lighter non-greasy formula, and moisturizing, which is better for taking off heavier, more resistant eye makeup. Both are equally fantastic in removing daily eye makeup.

I am especially excited about these Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks that are super convenient for on the go or for keeping at the office for quick touch-ups. I keep mine at the office for touchups before meetings when sometimes mascara ends up on my under-eye area. These are very easy to use and I will do a formal review of them later.

Almay Smart Shade is also something that has become very hot in the last couple of years. Smart Shade is a technology that basically allows the product to adjust to your skin-tone to create a foundation shade that is perfect for you. The Perfect & Correct Primer consists of two coloured swirls, one in purple for correcting any sallowness, and one in green for correcting any redness. The primer is creamy and blends in very well. You also don’t need too much to cover your face.

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The Smart Shade Liquid Makeup starts out white with micro coloured beads that burst when you are blending to create the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone.

There is also a lunch of base products for people who are more acne-prone or have more oily skin. The Clear Complexion foundation and concealer duo both contains salicylic acid for that acne-fighting power. The concealer duo contains one acne-treatment side and also one heavy-duty concealer side to cover all of those breakouts, including those big cystic bad guys. This concealer is very dry, which prevents it from slipping and sliding off the breakouts, but that also means it is not meant to be used on the under-eye area.

Almay is known for their eyeshadow palettes that are custom designed for the colour of your eyes, and that is exactly what these Intense I-Color Shadow Sticks and Intense I-Color palettes are meant for. I’ve reviewed the Intense I-Color Shadow Sticks on my blog before, you can check my review out here.

Lastly, the highlight of the launch is the Wake Up collection that is to be launched this month. It is a collection of everything you need in the morning to create a bright, beautiful and energized look to start your day. There is a foundation that is super smooth and easy to blend, making applying base makeup a breeze in the mornings; an eyeshadow palette that includes a primer and three coordinating shades; a liner and highlighter duo that is super creamy (my favourite out of the collection!); and an quick and easy blush and highlighter duo that is double-duty.

Almay is catering to those non-makeup professionals by including easy to follow diagrams and instructions on how to apply any specific product on the product packaging. How awesome is that?!

Reviews/swatches for some of these products are coming up soon.

Are you loving Almay as much as I am right now? It’s that time of year again: my annual blog anniversary and birthday giveaway is coming up again! Look for it to win some products from the Almay launch that I’ve talked about today.

Some more photos from the event:


14 thoughts on “Almay Summer launch event!

    • Haha no I didn’t take notes XD Maybe I just remember a lot because it is makeup… XD Thanks so much for coming! It definitely wouldn’t have been fun without you there =)

  1. I’ve never really ever tried products by Almay but I really like the shades in the Almay Wake Up pallete and tells you where to apply the shades. I also love the idea how they put a highlighter shade in it, so nice! p.s. I love the quality of your photos.

  2. I have all 3 of the Almay foundations (Smart Shade and not sure of the others – I am in the process of packing to return to the West Coast and can’t remember which box I’ve packed them in!! – I’m using Marcelle’s BB cream currently) and I love them all! I am impressed with Almay, Marcelle/Annabelle as a whole for stepping up their games and coming into their own in the billion dollar North American cosmetic industry. It is with some national pride that I send products from all 3 lines to friends around the world, who are equally impressed with the quality of all that I have sent thus far! Great post … I’m off to read your review on the I-Color line! ox Care

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