Salvatore Ferragamo Reveal!

I bought a pair of Ferragamo shoes when I was in Vegas. These are my second pair of designer shoes, the first being Dior black patent cannage-print pumps. I genuinely love designer shoes but I don’t normally buy designer anything because I prefer to either spend my money on other things, like good food, or save it for more important things, like a down payment for a place of my own.

I am really excited to show you these shoes because I rarely buy designer, and not because I am a showoff or whatever. I worked really, really hard towards the end of last year and this year from December to April and even got really sick in February due to exhaustion and lack of sleep and food. I got these shoes to reward myself for my hard work and to push myself to work even harder at my new job. These aren’t super expensive like other designer shoes, but they do represent my blood and sweat, and the effort I’ve put into my work.

Now… revealing my new Ferragamo patent leather Vara pumps in the colour Bisque.

I didn’t own a pair of nude shoes before these, and when I saw them at the Ferragamo boutique inside Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, I knew I must have them. Varas are not as plushy or padded compared to Varinas, which are the classic style flats by Ferragamo, but these are still super comfy because of the approximate one inch heel. Also because these are patent leather, the shoe is harder and will require more time to break in. The material is 100% leather, including the bow, which are normally fabric on more traditional styles of Varas or Varinas.

The Bisque colour is a perfect nude for my skin tone because it is not too yellow and not too pink. They make my legs look elongated and slimmer, which is ideal. I also like that the bow is leather and not the traditional fabric because I feel it makes the shoes look more luxurious.

I have yet to wear them yet because it had been raining nonstop since I’ve been back and I didn’t want to ruin them on the first day of wearing them. I will post up an outfit with them on when I get around to wearing them.

So, what do you think? =)

17 thoughts on “Salvatore Ferragamo Reveal!

  1. Those are very classy looking! Hooray for treating yourself to something designer. I’m with you on not splurging too much on designer items but it’s great to be able to indulge every once in a while, especially when you’ve earned it! =)

  2. Good for you to spoil yourself a little for working so hard! The nude colour on these is gorgeous and they look so classic. Hopefully since the weather is so nice this week you’ll finally get a chance to break them in :>

  3. You know that I love neutral/ nude colors, right? So, I guess you already know what I think about this pair, don’t you? 😉

    The color is perfect, Sheila! I’d love to see you in another outfit post!

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