Las Vegas Shopping Spree!!

In continuation of my Vegas posts… here is my haul from my trip! Surprisingly, I didn’t actually buy too much. Almost all of the stuff I bought was for work which made easily made it justifiable. Everything was also pretty affordable as there were several friends & family sales going on while I was there. The outlets in Vegas were also very good for finding fantastic deals. I did splurge on one thing though, but I will talk about that later.

You probably already know I am absolutely infatuated with BCBG blazers. I had two before this trip, and now I have four. They are really well made and are cut nicely to fit my body shape. They are slightly stretchy, which makes them very comfortable to wear as they mold to your curves. One major feature that I love about them is a strip of stretchy cotton/lycra blend material that extends down the length of the back of the sleeve. This allows for easy bending of elbows but still keeping the shape sleek and fitted. From the BCBG outlets, I purchased two blazers, one is a more trendy, fitted style that is lower in the back and slightly dips down in the front. The other is a straight, boyfriend-style blazer, with a satin strip near the hem.

I was also obsessed with Ann Taylor on my trip. I hear so much about Ann Taylor on Extra Petite and coincidentally, they were having their Friends & Family sale when I was there, which allows you to save 40% off your entire purchase. I ordered four tops (top right and bottom three) and a pair of basic black suit trousers (not shown). From Max Studio Outlet, I also bought this gorgeous flowy top. I love flowy tops like this and this one looks amazing when wore.

Of course I could not leave Ann Taylor without purchasing a pair of their Perfect Pumps. I got a pair in black patent leather. These definitely do not disappoint; they are easily the most comfortable pair of high-heel pumps I own. Even though it is patent leather, the leather is super soft and molds to the shape of my toes. The sole is also nicely padded, which makes it easy to wear. I got them in a size 8.5, which fits perfectly on me.

The heel is 3.25 inches, which is about 8.26 cm. Even though they are a little tall, they are still very comfortable. I was very tempted to buy more! The only complaint is that stock varies by store. I found this pair in the Ann Taylor store inside Venetian, but I visited about 3 more Ann Taylor stores but none of them had this colour. Some other colours available in store that I saw were regular leather (none in my size, pretty much all sold out) and lizard print in light beige and black.

Now… a little peek of what I splurged on, which I will do a separate post about later! =)


10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Shopping Spree!!

  1. Okay, I commented last night but something weird happened. Just checking and see, no comment from last night! GRRR!!!

    Love your Las Vegas shopping haul! I love shopping in Vegas. I’m just glad that you had a nice vacation before starting your new job.

  2. ;( Didn’t take my comment again.

    Thank you for sharing your Las Vegas haul. Love what you purchased. I love shopping in Vegas too. I’m so glad that you had a nice vacation before starting your new job.

  3. Ohh I like your hauls! Aww you dress like a grown up, lol, can you dress me? I still dress like a kid, haha. I especially love your fitted blazer and the peach sleeveless blouse at the bottom right, and of course the pumps! You did well. =)

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