Swatch: Jill Stuart nail polish in 18 Ball Room

A new addition to my Jill Stuart nail polish stash, #18 Ball Room is a beautiful jelly red with iridescent glitter. The finish is a smooth, high-shine one that looks luxurious. Wear time is average at about 5 days with some tip wear.

I repeat myself, but I absolutely LOVE Jill Stuart nail polish formulas and highly recommend them to everyone. These apply fantastically and wear well. It also smells really good, like irises I believe.


5 thoughts on “Swatch: Jill Stuart nail polish in 18 Ball Room

  1. OOOOOOOOOO pretty! I was a bit surprised when I actually clicked on your blog post after it popped up in my blogroll because I assumed that it’d be a shade of pastel pink (JS has a zillllion pastel pinks in varying shades lol) but instead I was greeted by a shocking sparkly red! I love it!

    I looooove the smell of JS cosmetics…I didn’ know it was irises but I know I much prefer it to the scent of P&J!

    • Thanks, Jian!

      I knoooow. The scent is like drugs to the nose. It lasts a few days which is good as well. P&J’s scent is too… powdery I think.

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