Lise Watier hosts Age Control Supreme event… featuring Labrador Tea!

Two weeks ago I attended the Lise Watier press event to celebrate their new Age Control Supreme trio of products. The event was held at the Bacchus Hotel in downtown Vancouver, and thanks to my partner in crime of media events, Macnunu, I was able to get an invitation to attend. It was fully catered for afternoon tea, including some steeped Labrador Tea for our enjoyment. Did I mention the food is FABULOUS. Probably one of the better afternoon teas I’ve had in this city.

Age Control Supreme is Lise Watier’s newest breakthrough in anti-aging products. The key ingredient in Labrador Eea, which is a tea leaf found in the Boreal Forest of Canada. According to their research done in partnership with the Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi, Labrador Tea is 20 times more potent than Q10 and three times more active than Vitamin C and grape seed extract as a powerful antioxidant. This line is geared towards women in their mid thirties and up who want to stop (or rather, slow) the aging process.

The Age Control Supreme line currently has a cream (for day and night use), a daytime serum and a nighttime serum, both of which contain “diamond powder.” All three products contain Labrador Tea. You can purchase all three products on the Lise Watier website, or wherever Lise Watier products are currently sold.

Thanks to the Lise Watier team for hosting this event!


5 thoughts on “Lise Watier hosts Age Control Supreme event… featuring Labrador Tea!

  1. The food looks scrumptious!

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this line. It looks interesting to me and is probably perfect for my age and skin type.

    The name of the tea makes me chuckle as I think of Labrador in terms of dogs.

  2. The event seems lovely! How is the Lise Waiter line like? i recall seeing their line in shoppers drug mart but I have never had the chance try their products other than their eyeliner.

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