Quick Skincare Reviews: Erno Laszlo LASZLO BLUE Firmarine Night Gel, Night Cream, SPF30 (day cream) & Lift Serum

My friend Shaly moved from the AmorePacific counter at Holt Renfrew, to the Erno Laszlo counter. She gave me a couple of deluxe samples to try and review on my blog. I am completely new to this brand as I have seen it at Holts but I have never tried it. According to Shaly, Erno Lazslo is an European skincare brand that is now owned by an American company. They have been in operations since 1927 and is very popular among celebrities. According to the Erno Laszlo website, they were the first to create sunscreens, introduce products with pH balance, create water-based products for oily skin, develop skincare for men and for teens, as well as prescribe personalized skincare suited to each individuals’ needs.

I’ve been using a couple of their products for the past few weeks and I will be reviewing them in the upcoming weeks. Please remember that I received only deluxe samples so I’m not able much on the actual firming properties of these products. You can find product information, along with ingredients lists on the product websites linked to the product names.

Erno Laszlo LASZLO BLUE Firmarine Night Gel

  • Texture: Semi-sticky, translucent, light-blue gel
  • Scent: Very light, “marine” fresh scent
  • Effect: Absorbs quickly but was not hydrating enough as it felt like it just disappeared
  • Price: $225USD for 50mL
  • Overall: This is a “firming night gel for normal to oily skin,” which is what Shaly said my skin type was, but this was not hydrating enough for me at night. After it was all absorbed, my skin felt tight, even when used with the Lift Serum. I find this would be a good moisturizer for you if you have combination to oily skin.

Erno Laszlo LASZLO BLUE Firmarine Night Cream

  • Texture: Light cream
  • Scent: Light fresh scent that smells GREAT, very refreshing yet lush
  • Effect: Absorbs very well without any residue
  • Price: $225USD for 50mL
  • Overall: I love this moisturizer from what I’ve used so far! Together with the Lift Serum, it provides perfect hydrating to my skin without feeling greasy or heavy. The scent is also perfect aromatherapy to prep myself for bed. I would recommend this if you have dry to normal skin.

Erno Laszlo LASZLO BLUE Firmarine SPF 30

  • Texture: Thick, light-blue gel-cream
  • Scent: Strong “marine” smell, reminds me of H2O+ Face Oasis
  • Effect: Absorbs slowly, probably due to the sunscreen. Skin feels a little greasy after, like it didn’t fully absorb and then mixed with oil on my skin as the day goes by
  • Price: $195USD for 50mL
  • Overall: I was really excited to try this as I’ve been looking for a good daily moisturizer with high sunscreen factor. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like this one as when used with the Lift Serum, it felt like it didn’t absorb completely and left a layer of cream (and what feels like oil) on my face. When used alone, it does absorb completely but it is not hydrating enough and my skin is left feeling tight. I will recommend this if you have very dry skin (to use with a serum), or if you have combination or oily skin (to use alone).

Erno Laszlo LASZLO BLUE Firmarine Lift Serum

  • Texture: Thick translucent gel
  • Scent: Couldn’t detect a scent
  • Effect: Absorbs instantly, didn’t notice any lifting effect (but I only used a small deluxe sample, so I didn’t expect to see much). Not hydrating enough for winter.
  • Price: $225USD for 30mL
  • Overall: This serum was just okay for me. I didn’t really notice anything different with my skin when I used this. I imagine if you used a full-size bottle it will be different. As it is not hydrating enough for me when used with the Night Gel, I had to use a separate hydrating serum underneath this. With the Night Cream, it was enough to provide some basic hydration. Overall, I like the texture as it does absorb quickly.


7 thoughts on “Quick Skincare Reviews: Erno Laszlo LASZLO BLUE Firmarine Night Gel, Night Cream, SPF30 (day cream) & Lift Serum

  1. Erno Lazlo does have a cult following in the US, and re-emerged after going into hiatus a while ago. Glad to see that they came out with products made for younger skin! Excellent products.

  2. Erno Laszlo USED to be the 1st pioneering skin care company in America. However the various owners have tampered with Dr Laszlos original products and ideas / concepts that nothing works as it did. I know I remained loyal to the Brand but lost all faith in the Company!


  3. I have used Erno Laszlos products over the years and his products are supposed to change and improve your skin over time. I don’t think a quick fix does it justice.
    I have oily skin and this is a dream … when I am traveling to a warm climate I WON’T GO WITHOUT IT!

  4. Love EL products. My skin looks amazing. I will go back to my Amore Pacific products just to compare, but EL is making me very happy, so I will make sure to finish it before moving on. I got full sizes from both lines and will continue to buy whichever works best.

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