Reflections of 2011 and outlook for 2012

I was inspired by Tao’s 2011 Reflections post to write my own reflections for this year. It has been a year of major changes and difficulties in my life. I have to say the second half of 2011 has not been good at all, but this just means that 2012 will be better.


1. Graduating from my undergraduate program – I finally completed four years of stress and frustration! I graduated this May with a B.COMM (with honours too, which was somewhat surprising, haha). It has been a long journey with lots of tears and laughter. I still remember the night that I finished my very last exam, the feeling was completely overwhelming because I knew I had done it. I didn’t end up going to convocation because it was too far, but the feeling of receiving my diploma in the mail was still satisfying.

2. Securing a job – I started looking for a job starting last September. I knew I wanted to be home in Vancouver but the job market here was still pretty bad, especially in a slowly recovering economy. I’m happy to say that I was able to start a job tentatively this September and then finally securing it in December.

3. Not buying stuff just because – I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’ve stopped spending money like mad on things I don’t need. When I was in school, I bought things to relieve stress, but now that I’m out there in the real world, I’ve been pretty good with my money spending. I’ve also stopped hoarding makeup, especially the collectible items I don’t use.

Lessons Learned:

1. Things will always work itself out – It has been an extremely difficult year of job hunting for me and sometimes the future looked bleak, but after all of this, I learned that things will always work itself out in the end. If a door closed on me, then another window will open. The road is not an easy one, but I will arrive at the end!

2. Some friends are just not worth the time – I’ve made numerous friends over the years as I’ve grown up. When you’re young, you always hope that everyone is friends with you, but over time you slowly realize that not everyone is worth the time. I’ve come to that point where I’ve realized some friends just aren’t worth my time, especially those who look the other way when you need them to be there. Having a few really good friends is way better than having countless just “okay” friends.

Resolutions for next year:

1. Learn to use my DSLR! – My parents bought me a Canon EOS Rebel T2i in July as my graduation and birthday present. Over the summer, my photos haven’t required much manual adjustment due to the good lighting, but now that it is winter and lighting generally sucks, I’ve needed to do more changing of the ISO and Aperture and things like that. I really need to read my camera manual and then slowly pick that up!

2. Eat healthier – Due to stressful times this year (and over the last 4 years), I’ve been eating without many limits. As I get older, I feel like I really do need to start eating healthy as my metabolism is slowing down and my body can no longer bounce back like before. I also need to start hitting the gym, or taking some dance classes, just to get some exercise in there as well.

3. Save up for a down payment – It has been a little hard adjusting to living with my parents after four years of living on my own. I definitely think I prefer my freedom, and as I feel I’m becoming more and more financially independent, I need to stop living under their shelter. I hope to start saving up for a down payment on an apartment or townhouse soon.

Lastly, I want to thank every one of you for an amazing year on Maddy Loves. This year has been a very good year for the blog as I was able to really expand it and get the name out there. I’ve also made several very valuable relationships through the blog with some fantastic ladies, you know who you are. Thank you to all of my company sponsors, blogger friends, and most importantly, my readers, for always being there and supporting me. I hope 2012 will be an even better year for everyone!

Thank you for reading ^__^


4 thoughts on “Reflections of 2011 and outlook for 2012

  1. Thank you for dharing a little bit of what this year brought you with us! I enjoyed reading a lot. I totally agree on many aspects you pointed out (friendship, opportunities in life/ career, care of health, …). But we both already discovered quite a bunch of similarities, right?

    I’m very happy to hear about your blog success too! Keep it up, Sheila!

    Yes! Onto a better year! 2012 here we come!! 😉

  2. Finding a job in this economy is a big accomplishment so you should definitely congratulate yourself! Sounds cliche, but I think this is a really exciting time of life, b/c for once there’s so many options for you out there, and not just another semester to think of. I’m glad that we got to meet in 2011, so here’s hoping we get to hang out more in 2012 🙂

    ps. let’s go for photo walks together! I need to learn how to use my camera better too.

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