Boxing Day Haul!

Boxing Day is the Canadian (and British) version of Black Friday. Shops discount all of their items on this day and it is also a great time to stock up on Christmas products for the next year. As per my usual tradition, I got up at 7:00AM to be at the mall by 8:00. I had made a mental list of stuff I wanted to get, but sadly they were already sold out by the time I got there, crazy right?! I was able to get my hands on some other things that I love so I’m quite satisfied with my haul.

This year I purchased mostly work-appropriate clothing. I’m kind of in that stage of life where work takes priority over everything, so this was also at the top of my list of items to buy.

I purchase three items from Banana Republic, my go-to place for work-wear. They were doing 50% off last ticketed prices on all sale items, which is when I picked up a jacquard pleated skirt in store. The price for this skirt after the discount wasn’t that good, but I still bought it because I love the jacquard print on the skirt.

I ordered two of their non-iron shirts off of their website on Christmas night as the sale was just staring online. I absolutely LOVE their non-iron shirts as they fit very well around my curves and the fabric is very soft and feels great to wear. I haven’t received these in person yet so here are some stock photos. I ordered one in a dark plum and another in a pink stripe.

From Esprit, one of my favourite clothing brands, I ordered two lace items from their De.Corps line. The first is a lace dress that I fell in love with the first time I saw in store, but didn’t purchase because the price was a little high. I love everything lace and this dress is perfect both for work and for casual nights out, or media events (I am lacking in outfits in that area).

The second item is from the same series: a sheer lace top. This is a little sheer for work so I will wear a tank top underneath it. The quality is good and on par with other Esprit products. I love the lace bands on both this top and the dress.

I purchased two basic turtlenecks from Jacob. I didn’t take photos for them because they’re just basic turtlenecks. I picked up one in a knit grey, and another in a stretch cotton black. These will be great underneath blazers in the winter as turtlenecks are my go-to shirts in winter.

In addition, thanks to my awesome-sauce blogger friends in the UK, I managed to get my hands on two more items from Guerlain’s holiday collection for half off: the eye palette and the Rouge Automatique in Flirt d’un Jour, my first Rouge Automatique! Thanks Vicky!

Lastly, Murale was doing a customer appreciation event where they take $40 off your purchase of $100 or more. I took this opportunity to purchase a couple of beauty items, including eye cream, some dry shampoo and this…

Did you buy anything during this post-Christmas/Boxing Day sale?

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