Review/Swatches: Revlon Colorstay 16-Hour Eye Shadow in 505 Decadent

The Colorstay 16-Hour Eye Shadow is a new line of eye shadows recently released by Revlon. They should be available in most stores that carry Revlon now. The palette I received is called 505 Decadent and it is comprised of a glittery milky pink (top left), a shimmery light blue pink (bottom left), a peach with sheen (top right), and a matte chocolate (bottom left).

On the back of the palette is a diagram of how you can wear the colours in this palette. I really like these diagrams because I find that they make the eyeshadow easier to use for beginners, and can also make more colourful palettes coordinate better on the eyelid.

In terms of pigmentation and the quality of these eyeshadows, I found them to be mediocre. Both pinks were sheer and lacking in pigmentation. The light glittery milky pink shade also caused fall-out, which is a concern because that shade is supposed to be the all-over lid shade in the palette. The peach was nice, and probably the best one in terms of quality in the palette. It wasn’t pigmented, but it was smooth and applied well compared to the other shades. The chocolate was a little chalky and also applied slightly streaky and not completely smooth. It works well as its intended purpose of liner shade, but other than that it might be a little hard to blend out.

Overall I would say this particular palette is a skip. If you’ve seen my photos from the media event from a few weeks ago, you will see that there are about a dozen different palettes you can choose from in this line so I’m sure you will find one that suits your colouring and also has better quality. These palettes should be priced around $13 depending on where you go.


3 thoughts on “Review/Swatches: Revlon Colorstay 16-Hour Eye Shadow in 505 Decadent

  1. Thanks for the review & swatches. I think most Revlon palettes (from my experience) lack in either pigmentation, or they have a lot of fall out :/ Definitely will skip these if i see them in stores. Thanks again :3

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