Review/Swatches: Lush Lip Tint in Celebrate, Snow Fairy and Chilli Tingle

Lush released a couple of Limited Edition Lip Tints for Holiday in Celebrate, Snow Fairy and Chilli Tingle.

  • Celebrate is an opaque, light blue-based pink with lots of champagne shimmer. It smells very sweet, like candy.
  • Snow Fairy is a light sheer pink that is very “my lips but better” on me. This smells like cotton candy, like usual with Lush Snow Fairy.
  • Chilli Tingle is a sheer orange-red tint and it smells like chocolate.

Celebrate was very densely packed with the champagne shimmer, to the point that it looks like I foiled my lips. The shimmer would migrate to my lip lines, which didn’t help my lips look less dry. There are little bits of candy (I think it’s candy) sitting on top of the pot that I would recommend you dump out before you use this, otherwise you’re going to be left with bits of candy stuck to your lips. I would probably skip this one.

I found Snow Fairy to be the most moisturizing out of the three. It is very sheer, but it still helps to even out my lip colour to create a very healthy look. I can see myself wearing this out during the day for a bit of colour for my face. In general, I like!

Chilli Tingle smells very delicious and perfect for the holiday season. It is an orange-red tint that stains my lips for long-lasting colour. The one I received was particularly hard and had to be warmed up in my fingers for a while before I could get some colour out of it. I found this one to be less moisturizing than Snow Fairy, but more moisturizing then Celebrate. It applied a little unevenly so gloss can help even out the colour a little.

These are the first lip tints I’ve tried from Lush and I am a little bit on the fence about the formula. I think Snow Fairy is great but Celebrate and Chilli Tingle could have been a little better. In the case of Chilli Tingle, it could have been the original formulation or just that batch that didn’t go so well. If you happen to have your eyes on these, I would recommend popping in store to check them out in person just to test and swatch it out for yourself before you decide to purchase or not.

Snow Fairy:


Chilli Tingle:


6 thoughts on “Review/Swatches: Lush Lip Tint in Celebrate, Snow Fairy and Chilli Tingle

  1. I really like Chili Tingle… looks like a juicy tint 🙂 Celebrate is really interesting..why are there candy bits like that? I’m not understanding the concept because it will stick to your lips and not be comfy.

  2. Oh so pretty! I always seem to forget to check out the Lush store in the mall–fortunately, it’s not the mall near to my house. It would be a drain on my wallet for sure.

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