Blogger Nail Spa Event at Shi Nail! [pic heavy!!]


From left to right: Emily from Rites of Beauty, Christine from Emicably Yours, Yvonne from Oh So Vonnie, Christine from MACnunu, Alison from Alison-elle, Jordana from Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy, and Moi!

I organized another blogger event which took place last week! We wanted a day of pampering and relaxation so we decided to hit up Shi Nail to get treatments for our hands and feet. Do feel free to visit the blogs of the other girls for their reviews of their respective treatment and experience.

I asked to get the paraffin foot treatment with an added foot scrub because my feet were looking dry and cracked for the winter. I sat in one of the pod-like things you will see in the photos below. It was actually a massage chair so I conveniently got my back massaged at the same time. My feet were first immersed in some warm water for a little bit and then they used a papaya scrub on my feet and lower calf with a bit of a massage. The massage felt very good and exactly what I needed; the scrub smelled absolutely delicious and created the perfect atmosphere. The scrub was then rinsed off, my feet dried, and then my feet were put into plastic baggies containing hot paraffin wax. The heat from the paraffin wax felt amazing on my skin! My feet were then put into socks made with cotton towel and I was left to relax. Twenty minutes later, the wax was peeled off and what was left was super smooth, moisturized feet. They would then leave you in the chair to let the leftover oils from the paraffin absorb and in the meantime you can surf the internet in the netbook that they provide for each of the chairs. The price of the paraffin treatment for my feet was $15 plus an additional $5 for the scrub.

Some general things I was impressed about when I received my treatment as well as in watching others getting their treatment:

  • We were provided with water as soon as we arrived
  • You could not smell anything chemical like inside the spa because of their amazing air filtration system. Some people were getting gel nails done and others polish work, but you couldn’t smell a thing.
  • The girls were all super attentive to detail. I will post up photos of their work near the bottom and we were all amazed.
  • The place was super clean and every measure of sanitation is taken. The foot tubs that are used to soak feet are all covered in a plastic cover that can be changed out and towels are washed, clean and fresh for each treatment.

I mostly enjoyed my service; the hot wax felt great on my skin and the massage was also very nicely done. The only thing that needed improvement was that the water could have been warmer. I shower with crazy hot water so I like the feeling of hot water on my skin, especially in the winter. The water they used was lukewarm, which I wasn’t too fond of. Also I felt like my foot could have soaked in the water for a little while longer before they started the scrub because they started scrubbing pretty much right away and at the time the top layer of my skin hasn’t softened fully yet to get the most effective scrub. Other than those things, I felt the service was very attentive and the staff were very friendly. Thus I still recommend that you visit Shi Nail!

Shi Nail
Unit 115, 8033 Saba Road
Richmond, BC

You can make reservations by calling (604) 273-5888.

Here are some photos from my treatment. Sorry there aren’t that many because it’s hard taking photos of myself sitting in the chair, haha.


Click to see more photos of everyone getting their treatments


Random photos from the day


Christine is very seriously considering the purchase of more nail polish…


LOL at this photo… Jordana is so cute!


Examples of their exquisite work!!



8 thoughts on “Blogger Nail Spa Event at Shi Nail! [pic heavy!!]

  1. omg you’re so tall!!!! hehee wow that is a really awesome nail spa!!! most of the ones here are dingy & the manicurists are always rude >.< it's great that it didn't smell like chemicals! looks like a super fun time 😀

  2. It was so fun getting our nails done!!! I’m still overly admiring mine 🙂 The paraffin sounds really nice. My feet are horrible, so I could definitely do with a scrub and lube.

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