Looks I cannot pull off: Winged Liner


I really need to stop winging my liquid eyeliner because I just can’t pull it off! My eyes naturally slant upwards, what Chinese people call “phoenix eyes.” I also have hooded eyelids that just hide all of my eyeliner. To add to that, I have eyelashes that stick straight down and refuse to stay curled. I usually do a thin line just for the sake of it, or tightline to make my lashes look fuller, and always pointing slightly downwards.. I have no idea what I was thinking when I drew on this look. I also have no idea why I’m showing you these #fail photos.

I’m wearing Vasanti Liquid Cover Up in V2, which is a good match for my NC25 skin (I will do a review of this later), which is set with Chanel loose powder and finished off with Guerlain Meteorites in Perles D’or. On my eyes, I am wearing Guerlain Ecrin 6 in Place Vendome. Eyeliner was Dollywink Liquid Liner and mascara was Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara.

I look like a mess.

Here is where I went wrong:

  1. I didn’t curl my eyelashes. The winged liner is to help open up eyes and make lashes look fuller. Well it looks like I have two sets of lashes and a weird fan sticking into my eyes because I didn’t curl my lashes. Make sure your lashes are curled, ALWAYS!
  2. I didn’t wear false lashes. False lashes would have helped my hooded eyelids open up a little more without looking like I drew on a line.
  3. My eyes are already slanted upwards. With the winged eyeliner, I just look like I have lopsided eyes.

So there you have it… I hope by posting this up, I will never attempt to do a winger liner look again!



26 thoughts on “Looks I cannot pull off: Winged Liner

  1. The eyeliner makes your eyes look more defined. Winged liner is really hard for me too because my eyes are hooded as well. I’ve seen people use the eyeliner to draw over their lids to make it more standout. Have you seen Tao’s blog? That’s her signature look :p

    • I use heated lash curler when I have time. It takes forever to heat up and then I need to be patient with it =( I’ll try the heated curler next time I decide to do a winged look and see how that turns out XD

  2. Maybe you can try to elongated the liner just a little more if you like to make it look more obvious but your eyes do look defined there, just looks more natural – which isn’t a bad thing 🙂

    • Thanks Nic! LOL It looks REALLY bad in person, I have no idea why the photograph isn’t that bad XD

      I will try to elongate it… hopefully next time I will report back with good news =P

  3. I don’t think it looks that terrible, but we tend to be the strictest with ourselves, and I don’t like eyeliner on me, either. Winged or not, black liquid liner just looks way too harsh on me (at least that’s what It think), so I just line them with brown eyeshadow, and only the upper lashline, because dark liner on my lower lids look weird on me too.

    I think what’s important is that we do know what looks weird, or what we don’t like on ourselves. 🙂

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