Swatch/Review: Joe Fresh Blush in Rosetta


If you’re not familiar with the background of Canadian beauty brand Joe Fresh, you can see a short description here along with swatches of their cream lipstick.

Joe Fresh Blush, like all of Joe Fresh Beauty products, is housed in a clear plastic case that is sturdy and very well made. I like this packaging because you can very easily see the shade inside without having to flip to the back for the label or opening the case.


Rosetta is a light pink blush that leans cool and is mostly matte with a little bit of sheen. This is a foolproof colour, one that you should definitely have in your makeup bag. The blush is smooth and applies well, but it is not pigmented, which is perfectly fine because I don’t think it is meant to be pigmented. It looks very natural on, highly recommended!

Some swatches, first under sunlight and then indoors in natural lighting.


Recommended if you are looking for an inexpensive, but pretty blush!


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