Swatches/Review: Joe Fresh Eyeshadow

After trying Joe Fresh lipsticks, I was excited to try their eyeshadows too. In general I thought their eyeshadows were on the dry, powdery and chalky side, especially the matte shades. The shimmery shades were a little better, but still lacking in pigmentation. While the price kind of makes up for the lack in texture, it is not an excuse for the lack in pigmentation (compared to Annabelle single potted eyeshadows, which are around the same price, these definitely under-perform).

From left to right (swatches in same order): Slate, Honeybell, Cactus, Smoke, Pixie

  • Slate is exactly what it’s name says it is: a dark slate with some shimmer in the pan. Swatched, the shimmer is no longer visible. The pigmentation on this one was lacking, the formula was also chalky and dry.
  • Honeybell is a matte cream. Swatched, it is a little powdery but it makes for an excellent highlight shade that is simple and perfect for daytime.
  • If I were told to choose, then Cactus is my favourite out of the bunch, a dark shimmery forest green. The shimmer is sophisticated and subtle, not “in your face” like many shimmery shadows out there. This also swatched very smoothly and pigmented.
  • Smoke is a matte dark grey with a hint of purple. This is also dry (not as dry as Slate though), and pigmentation is medium, but buildable.
  • Pixie is a shimmery soft pink with a bit of lavender. This also applied pretty smoothly and the shimmers are more visible than the ones in Cactus.
Some swatches:
I would recommend that you take a good look at these when you get a chance to see them in person. There is a wide array of shades to choose from, which means some of them will likely turn out better than the ones I received here. The prices give them really good value and a huge selection of colours, but the quality of these shades in particular make me want to say “skip.”

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