Review/Swatches: Marcelle Lux Eye Dust in High Voltage (OH EM GEE!!!)


First, I must say I’ve never liked loose anythings, not powder, not blush, and definitely not eyeshadow. BUT, I must scream to the entire world how amazing this Lux Eye Dust swatches and performs. Yeah, the word is AMAZING.

Marcelle says this about their Lux Eye Dust:

“Perk up any look in a matter of minutes with Lux Eye Dusts. Transform your makeup from modest to daring with these new highly pigmented and shimmering mica shades. The multi-use light-weight formula allows you to mix them in with body cream, with nail polish and even with lip gloss. The possibilities are endless! Use them dry for a rich colorful look or wet for an even more dramatic and intense look.”

They are completely right about it being rich and colourful. The texture is really smooth and very, very pigmented. High Voltage is one of the most gorgeous greens I’ve ever used. I’m not joking when I say that it is full of depth and while shimmery, is still smooth.

Here are some swatches so you don’t think I’m kidding around with you. Keep in mind that these swatches were done dry! You can get it to be even more intense by using it with a damp brush.


A little off focus so you can see the sparkles:


The only thing with this that bothers me is how the packaging is a little hard to use. I had to loosen up the cap with a nail file before I could pry it open. Once open, I love how there is a stopper (looks like suction) to help prevent the powder from spilling everywhere.


I would love to try more of these, especially the gold (called Vegas… how appropriate is that?). I can imagine myself wearing this as part of a holiday look. Highly, highly recommended!


6 thoughts on “Review/Swatches: Marcelle Lux Eye Dust in High Voltage (OH EM GEE!!!)

  1. I totally get the whole packaging thing. When I tried to open mine I definitely had to pry it open, like you said! They make you work hard for your product, don’t they? LOL.

    Great review. I should try mine now…

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