New love: T. Babaton Caroline Bow Blouse (+ outfit photos)

I’ve always had a thing for bows, especially bow blouses. Recently I’ve newly discovered my love for silk, which is also around the time I discovered this Caroline blouse from Talula Babaton (Aritzia brand). It is absolutely gorgeous and fits really well, but the price is just out of the world (for me).

Being thrifty, I tried to look for a similar one online, which I was able to do from ASOS. The price was much cheaper, but so was the fit, quality and look. After a month of drooling over the Caroline blouse, I finally made the jump and bought it.

The ASOS blouse is longer and more of a tunic (but I wear it tucked in anyways). It is also a darker cream in colour.

The Caroline blouse is shorter (but can still be tucked in). It is a light cream in colour. (Sorry it is so wrinkly)

Some outfit photos with the Caroline blouse:

With my beloved BCBG Adoree Blazer which makes it perfect for work.

Now to compare the two. The one on the left is the one I got off ASOS, which is made of polyester. The one on the right is the Caroline blouse which is made of 100% silk. You can see the difference in the collar. The ASOS one has a lower collar line and does not have a collar, per se. The Caroline blouse is set higher.

You can also see the difference in the cuff. The ASOS blouse has an elastic cuff, but the Caroline blouse has a button cuff.


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