2nd Annual Vancouver Blogger Meet-up!

Last night was the big night for the Vancouver Blogger’s Meet-up event that I had spent pretty much the entire month of August and September planning. I have to say it was a success for both myself the planner and for everyone who attended, including both of the company representatives who came and also sponsored goodies. The event was held at Sanafir Restaurant & Lounge which specializes in fusion-esque Mediterranean food. The food was great, the company was great and it was just a super fun night all-together.

Here are some photos from last night. We didn’t take many because it was almost pitch black in the room that we were in and my camera just didn’t do well in that lighting (one of the rare times I wished I had my trusty point and shoot with me).



Here is the goody bag that I took home with me. I didn’t take most of the products that everyone else had because I already had some of the products that companies sent me from before (like the Marcelle Hydra-C  24-H Energizing Hydrating Gel that I looove), so mine is a little smaller than the everyone else’s. If you want to see the very big big bag that everyone took home, check out the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers page!


A few other bloggers took photos at the event as well, please make sure to check out their pages and support our local bloggers =)


9 thoughts on “2nd Annual Vancouver Blogger Meet-up!

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