Swatch: Deborah Lippmann Prelude to a Kiss

I got Deborah Lippmann Prelude to a Kiss in a gift set a few weeks ago. It is a very pale pink that is very sheer. It took four medium to thick coats to get it to this opacity on the nails and even so on some nails the nail line is still visible.


I’m pretty neutral to this nail colour. It is too light in colour to be a good “wedding” shade or office shade. It might be a good base for gradiant nails as it is close to the normal nail bed colour with just one thin coat.

Overall do not really recommend. Deborah Lippmann is known for her glitter polishes so stick to that if you were looking to buy one. Her creams are pretty normal, nothing too special so it isn’t worth the $20 or so they charge for it.


6 thoughts on “Swatch: Deborah Lippmann Prelude to a Kiss

  1. Sorry that this didn’t work out for you. For the most part, I love Lippman nail polishes as they are the only ones that have really lasted on my nails the best. They are expensive though.

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