Review: Magic Hair Pad Fringe Holder (aka hair velcro!) + GIVEAWAY!

I recently featured Magic Hair Pad in this Youtube video to hold up my fringe.

I love Magic Hair Pad, and hair velcros in general because they are super useful to hold up my fringe without messing up my hairstyle in any way. They are very easy to use, just stick them on and it will stay. You can see that these look just like the spikey side of a velcro:

These fringe holders are available in both pink and black (of course I chose pink), for just $7 plus $1 in shipping (They’re doing an Indulge Living deal these couple of days! You can get a set for just $4 including shipping!). Magic Hair Pad, the company, is based out of Vancouver, which is great as I love supporting local businesses. You can also visit their Facebook page here.


Now Magic Hair Pad has given one of my readers an opportunity to win one set (two pieces) of fringe holders in the colour pink. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this Youtube video, it can be anything you like. You can get an extra entry by subscribing to my Youtube channel. Contest ends on September 30th so hurry up and go enter!


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