Random: China “haul”

My brother came back from China a few weeks ago and brought me back some stuff. It shouldn’t even classified as a haul because it really isn’t much, but I’ll share it anyways…

Aqualabel Moist Cleansing Oil is one of my favourite cleansing oils. I keep meaning to do a review of it but realized I actually don’t have any photos of this. Well I recently found out it was going to be discontinued soon (then later found out that was untrue), so I asked my cousin to buy me three bottles. I’m not sure of the price, I believe they’re around $15CAD (110 Yuan) per bottle for 150mL. They are made in China. I will be doing a proper review soon, I sincerely promise!

I love military-style and nautical clothing, and so when I saw this jacket, I deemed it a must-have and asked my cousin to buy it for me from Taobao (Chinese e-Bay). This was 299 yuan, which is roughly $45CAD. The fabric is a little itchy and the shape isn’t too great (it’s not completely fitted), but it fits me, so I’m glad. I also LOVE the detailing around the shoulders, including the little chains, and around the wrist.

I also got a belt that was inspired by the one worn by Carrie in the Sex and the City Movie (this one). The quality is a little shabby but the belt cost like $3 with shipping so I’m not complaining.

Lastly, I bought a couple of packs of my favourite cotton pads. These are great, super cheap (just a buck a pack and last forever) and don’t suck up too much toner (which end up going to waste).

Randomly, I blinged my camera lens cover… I was going to write the word “Canon” on it but realized I didn’t have enough small crystals, plus it would look kind of ugly, so this is the “design” I ended up with.

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