Kiehl’s 160th Anniversary Limited Edition Heritage Collection

Kiehl’s is celebrating their 160th Anniversary this year as a company and to celebrate, they’ve released a collection of four classic products in limited edition packaging.

I was able to try the Calendula toner last night and OH EM GEE it smells absolutely delicious! It smells and feels like chrysanthemum tea: very soothing and refreshing, highly recommended!

You can purchase these limited edition products at any Kiehl’s store/counter and online as well. Along with your purchase, you will also receive a limited edition heritage print shopping bag that is printed with photos from Kiehl’s history as an apothecary, and then as a trusted skincare brand.

In addition, from now until Saturday the 27th, you can also get $15 off your order of 2 or more products with the code GIFTCARD15. Also the new Metrotown at Metropolis location just opened recently so if you live in Burnaby… you’re in luck!


3 thoughts on “Kiehl’s 160th Anniversary Limited Edition Heritage Collection

  1. I really love it when products are deep yellow-gold-honey colour. It makes it seems so rich and luxirious. The packaging sure looks special. I’ve only ever tried their lipbalms and one muddy wash (which i liked!)

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