Sharks are FRIENDS! Not food =(

Being Asian, shark fin soup is an expensive delicacy that is a symbol of upper-class status. However, did you know how they get shark fin? Did you know that fishermen cut off the fin and then throw the whole shark, still alive, back into the water for it to suffocate itself to death because it cannot swim upright without its fin. There have been a couple of cities in North America that have already banned the sale of shark fin, for a good reason. Also because of the demand for this delicacy, it is estimated that the population of sharks over the next few decades is estimated to decrease by over 90%!

Lush Cosmetics is doing its part for this cause by selling Shark Fin Soap with 100% of the proceeds going to Shark Savers’ work to raise awareness for the conservation of sharks.

The soap is packed with seaweed extracts and sea salts, making your skin smooth and healthy. It also has a decorative paper shark fin to signify its cause. Shark Fin Soap is priced at $5.95 and is available for sale on the Lush website (USA, Canada) and in Lush locations across North America for as long as supplies last (AKA it is limited edition).

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5 thoughts on “Sharks are FRIENDS! Not food =(

  1. I love the design of this soap! I have to try to remember to go to Lush on Saturday when I’m at the mall. It’s the one store that I ALWAYS forget about when I’m shopping there.

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