Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Chanel released their Vitalumiere Aqua foundation earlier this Spring as a new addition to their Vitalumiere line and to replace their Teint Innocence foundation. I use shade B20 Beige Tendre which is a good match for NC25 skin.

What it claims (from The tiniest drop of this new hybrid fluid creates a fresh, natural complexion. Skin looks refined and feels refreshed, creating an exquisite makeup experience. The fluid formula has a soft, water-light texture, and comes in 10 shades that match perfectly to skin’s undertones, whether pink or beige. Dermatologist-tested. Non-comedogenic. Oil- free.

Damage: Approximately $60 after tax for 30mL in Canada, in the US it  is $45

Texture & Scent: Creamy gel-like milk, light floral scent

Effect: Medium opacity, covers redness and pores well, not too good at covering blemishes.

The good: This is very light foundation. It dries down quickly but can still be layered for more coverage (for example if you want to pat on concealer after this or layer more foundation on blemishes) and will not look cakey. This foundation is pretty natural-looking and won’t look heavy, which is good for summer. It dries down semi-matte but retains a glow-from-within kind of feeling. I didn’t feel that this foundation was hydrating, but it is not drying either.

  • Light
  • Non-drying
  • Can be layered for more coverage
  • Non-cakey
  • Natural-looking
  • Dries semi-matte but retains a nice glow

The bad: Oil control is mediocre. The packaging is a little annoying as you pay so much for a plastic squeeze bottle. You also need to shake it very, very well before you use it or else you will get a glop of grease instead of foundation. Coverage is just medium, and you will need to already have relatively good skin (i.e., not breaking out) to get the most out of this foundation.

  • Oil control is mediocre
  • Cheap packaing
  • Needs to be shaken very well before use
  • Needs to have good skin to get best results

Overall: I apply this foundation with my fingers as I do with all foundations. When I first tried it at the counter, the makeup artist used a fluffier, flat synthetic foundation brush on me and swirled it in the foundation until it was all absorbed into the brush, and then applied it on my face; that also achieved a flawless, glowing effect. I loved this when I first got it, but that love has somewhat died down to just a “quite like.” I have no idea why that is, but I know it has nothing to do with the hype of it when it first came out. I do really love the natural effect and glowy look that I can achieve with this. I am also quite happy with the medium coverage as I don’t like anything overly heavy; I don’t mind some of my freckles peeking through as long as it covers the redness on my cheeks. I also like that you don’t need to wear powder over it as the finish is natural already. I would recommend this foundation for people with slightly dry, normal or combination skin. If you have really dry skin, this would not be enough for you. If you have oily skin, the oil control in this foundation is just mediocre.

Just an additional note, this foundation really reminds me of the Bourjois Happy Mix Foundation, which I no longer have (because mine was too dark for me), so I can’t do a comparison for you, but I do remember that they feel similar and look very similar on as well.

Product: 18/20
Packaging: 3/5
Value: 3.5/5
Overall: 24.5/30 | A-
Repurchase? Likely, if I ever finish this bottle and if I can’t find something better…

Click for ingredients, more photos of the product and of me wearing it…

I’m not wearing concealer in any of these photos! (I don’t actually wear concealer anymore… I just layer foundation if I need a bit more coverage but I like looking a bit more natural with freckles, hehe)

(Thanks to MizzJ for reminding me… here are photos of my bare skin for comparison!)


11 thoughts on “Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

  1. Oh Sheila, I don’t see your freckles in the pics! The coverage is nice. Does it leave a pink/beige cast on your skin? I’ve tried this on the counter and the texture is indeed light.

    I just recently started a blog of my own… let’s connect 🙂

  2. This does look really nice on you. What freckles? I don’t see any! I think that I’m going to have to check out this foundation now. Thanks for your review.

  3. Great review, Sheila! The foundation looks really good on you, giving you such an even, yet natural complexion. Too bad that even the lightest shade is still too dark for me! I have heard many good things about this foundation!

  4. This foundation looks really natural on you, but it would be nice to see a shot of you without the foundation to compare? Unless I’m just blind and the first photo is the “before” in which case, you already have pretty good skin! 🙂

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