Guerlain Holiday 2011: Vol de Nuit

You’ve noticed how I don’t post up upcoming collections anymore but I must post this one. Guerlain’s Holiday collection for 2011 is just absolutely STUNNING! It features peacocks and deep, midnight blues, a nice change from the golds that Dior and reds that Chanel are releasing, which are too predictable for holiday.

The star product of the collection, like the Blush G from Spring, is a multi-use face powder called Parure du Soir which is comprised of a light pink for highlighting, a coral for blush and blue-green to neutralize redness in the cheeks. Here is a photo (credit to British Beauty Blogger).

Something else I am really looking forward to is the limited edition Meteorites pearls. Every year Guerlain releases a limited edition Meteorites pearls for holiday and I mistakenly passed on the one from last year (which I’ve regretted to this date and still look for its availability in stores… of course it has been long gone). But that also means I must get the one for this year! It will be comprised of pale pink, blue-green, pink, white, gold and champagne pearls to give the face a luminescent glow.

The rest of the collection can be seen from this photo (credit to Natural N Chic Makeup):

The new quad in Les Ombres de Nuit 10 also looks amazing from the photo and description, but it must be swatched in person, of course.

What are you planning on getting?

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8 thoughts on “Guerlain Holiday 2011: Vol de Nuit

  1. OMG!! @_@ I totally NEED this for this for my collection! I don’t know if I’d use it but it is just too lovely not to have! ^_^ Thanks so much for sharing! And I know this is my first time commenting, but I love all the Amore Pacific stuff you post too! It is one of my favorite skincare companies!!

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