Favourite lipstick formula: Anna Sui Rouge S in 570 Glamorous Bloom


Anna Sui Rouge lipstick formulas have been one of my favourite for a very long time. Anna Sui lipsticks were actually one of the first higher end lipsticks I tried as they were relatively affordable for a high-end product, priced at around $23-25. They recently revamped their entire line of lipsticks, but the shade in 570 Glamorous Bloom is my absolute favourite, even if it has been discontinued (you can actually still buy this from Strawberrynet, which is where I bought my backup).


570 Glamorous Bloom is a rosy pink with a very distinct golden sheen. Even though it has been categorized as a shimmer colour, there is no actual shimmer or glitter, rather it is a sheen. The colour is very distinct and after years of searching, I haven’t found a lipstick similar to this yet. The closest I’ve found is probably MAC Thrills lipstick, which was limited edition, but even that is not really close because Thrills is more metallic and Glamorous Bloom’s golden sheen is a lot softer.

Under sunlight:


Under indoor lighting:


The formula is to DIE for. I generally have very dry lips that peel and crack, especially if I wear a drier lipstick formula. But Anna Sui’s formula applies like a dream. It glides on very smoothly, distributing the colour evenly and my lips stay moisturized throughout the wear time. The colour also applies relatively pigmented, but stays glossy. It can be compared to Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine formula but with much less slip and more pigmentation (it is also much cheaper). You can see from the ingredients list at the end that there are many different oils and extracts that help make this a very moisturizing lipstick.


I highly recommend Anna Sui’s lipstick for girls with dry lips, and also if you are looking for a good lipstick that is also glossy. Specifically, I highly recommend that you get 570 Glamorous Bloom because of its beautiful colour; get it now before it goes away forever! You can currently find this lipstick on eBay from Strawberrynet’s eBay account for just $14.50, which is an amazing steal for such an amazing lipstick. Highly recommend!

Ingredients list:



9 thoughts on “Favourite lipstick formula: Anna Sui Rouge S in 570 Glamorous Bloom

  1. That is a gorgeous lip color! It sounds like I may have to try Anna Sui since it is moisturizing and a glossy lipstick. Thanks for the review.

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