Review: HANA Professional Flat Iron 1.5″ (love it!!)


I received the HANA Professional Flat Iron 1.5″ from Misikko a few weeks ago. I’ve used it a few times and I’m really impressed. My hair is relatively course, very thick (as in, VERY thick), slightly colour-damaged so it is frizzy, but it is naturally relatively straight. I didn’t think I needed a hair straightener but I was definitely wrong.

What it claims (from Dedicated to high ceramic content and top of the line components, Hana’s pursuit of high tech styling without hype led to the Hana Professional Flat Iron – Advanced Fusion Molding delivers glass-smooth ceramic-tourmaline plates while acccelerated negative ion output repairs hair follicles, sealing in natural oils for a conditioned, sleek, salon shine that lasts all day. With professional features like damp-to-dry styling, floating plates that self adjust to different textures and adjustable temperature, the Hana Professional hair straightener is engineered to deliver luxury at a down to earth price.

Damage: $129.99USD with free shipping to Canada and the United States and comes with a two-year warranty

The good: This product was extremely easy to use. Not only does it heat up within 10-20 seconds, it requires very minimal effort to glide through your hair. I’ve tried other flat irons and they all required you to go over the same strand of hair over and over again for there to be some straightening effect, but this was very quick and easy to get straight, sleek hair. I also love the packaging that they provided, the pouch was perfect to contain the long cord and also for easy to storage. The heat-proof silicone mat is also convenient as it ensures you don’t burn your counter top. The swivel cord was also a treat to use as it made sure the cord stayed untangled when I was moving the flat iron around my head. The product itself is very well made and feels durable. The effects also seem more long lasting compared to some other flat irons I’ve used where my hair would go back to its original state after a night’s sleep; this would last me until my next wash!

  • Easy to use, minimal effort
  • Quick heating
  • Nice packaging
  • Well-made, durable
  • Convenient and useful swivel cord, pouch and heat-proof mat
  • Hair is very sleek, straight
  • The result is long lasting

The bad: Nothing really. The price is a little steep, but you end up saving a ton of time in the mornings using this rather than other branded flat irons; it is also not as expensive as some other high-end brands with similar specifications.

  • Price is a little high

Overall: I love this product! I usually cheap out on hair products so I used a drugstore brand flat iron before, but this has made me appreciate why some products are priced the way they are. I highly recommend this flat iron, even if you do already have mostly straight hair like me, you can always use some more sleek-ness in your life!

Product: 19/20
Packaging: 5/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Value: 3.5/5
Overall: 32.5/35 | A+
Repurchase? If this one ever breaks down… which I don’t think it will!

More photos (including before and after shots):


After (no additional product used, just hair shampooed, conditioned, air dried then straightened):

Product Photos:


12 thoughts on “Review: HANA Professional Flat Iron 1.5″ (love it!!)

  1. Omg, your hair is SOOOOOO long and silky. SO pretty!!!! =) I use a hot iron really often, but I’m really considering trying HANA ones because I’ve seen so many blogs raving about their blow dryers too 🙂

    • You really should!! I love this flat iron. I’m so lazy with straightening my hair, but since this lasts a long time, I straighten before I go to bed and have silky straight hair for the next day =)

  2. wow your hair looks so smooth in the after. so you only glide once? i have to do mines a couple of times to have it straight but my hair is way worst than yours. and its so poofy too. i think i will look into this straightener. thanks for the review.

    • I do only glide once or twice over the same area. The temperature is very high, which makes it very good for getting unruly hair into place. Let me know if you have any more questions! =)

  3. Wow! Your hair looks so nice with the ironing. I think I might look into it. I’ve been getting into straightening, and I think this might be perfect 🙂

  4. Your hair looks great after flat ironing it! I had been flat ironing my hair before I cut it. I have the croc brand which has the wider plate like yours. Since I cut my hair, I don’t necessarily want to straighten it anymore but want to add a little flip to it. I have a curling iron but have gotten so used to a flat iron that I’ve been thinking about getting a different one that has narrower plates because you can also curl your hair with those.

  5. Hey sheila! its Anna 😀 what is the temperature range on this flat iron? and what is the temperature you set to for the results you posted? I bought the KQC turbo 2 flat iron, have yet to use it…have u heard anything about that iron?

    • Hey Anna! The temp range is 140 to 450 degrees F, and I used 370 degrees for the results. Keep in mind my hair is really thick and coarse though. No I haven’t heard anything about that yet, but I’m not an expert on flat irons so… haha. Thanks for visiting! =)

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