IMATS Vancouver Part 1 – Exhibitors

There were a good handful of exhibitors at IMATS this year. Some of the ones that really stood out for me were Make Up For Ever, Royal & Langnickel, NYX, Eve Pearl and Yaby. There were some other ones like Temptu, Crown Brushes, a couple of booths that sold cosmetics storage and accessories, Arbonne, Eye Kandy, Hakuhodo (who sells brushes of amazing quality), Naked Cosmetics, Vivid Cosmetics and more. Here are some photos of the exhibitors and the show in general.


We arrived at around 8:50 (the doors opened at 8:30) and the line up for Make Up For Ever was already insanely long.


Royal & Langnickel was the title sponsor this year, and their booth was also very popular (it was stationed right in front of the entrance so people saw it the moment they arrived). The prices were very, very good and the quality is amazing. They had blush brushes (better quality than some of my MAC brushes) for $15, eye brushes for $3-5, face brushes for around $10 and entire brush sets for $15-50. We were looking at this while waiting for MUFE and at 9:00AM, some of the items were already sold out, like their flat top synthetic brush. I purchased a few items here for $11, which is less than the price of just one MAC brush.


We lined up for MUFE right away but it still took us 2 hours of waiting to get our stuff and by 11:00, some things were already sold out (not to be replenished either). As we were walking in and out of the show later during the day to get lunch and then finally to leave, the line was still growing.


They had products available in-store, as well as Pro only products, such as fake blood and other stuff like that. Everything was discounted at 40% off, tax inclusive, and they also had some special deals of the day, such as five Aqua Liners (the liquid ones) for $68.


NYX was also very very busy. They had two tills opened up, which was good in getting through to everyone quickly. The variety of products they had at the show was very good. They had everything from false lashes, to loose glitter, to eyeshadow palettes to nail polish. Prices were also discounted as well.


The last one is of Eve Pearl’s back (and her booth).

Overall, I was happy with the variety of exhibitors that attended IMATS Vancouver. I heard from another friend that the quality of exhibitors has definitely increased compared to last year, which was their first year here. However, compared to other IMATS around the world, I definitely feel that IMATS Vancouver is not as good. This is especially surprising because Vancouver’s film industry is one of the most vibrant in North America (we are apparently Hollywood of the North), so I would think there were be more people a part of this industry who take part in this. What was most surprising, was that MAC pulled out near the end. This is sad to see because MAC actually started out being a Canadian company and their market in Vancouver is pretty big, so the fact that they didn’t bother coming to the Vancouver show is just sad. I’m very happy that Make Up For Ever came because they were one of the most successful booths at the show.

Part 2 will come soon! You can also see more photos of IMATS at Macnunu.


9 thoughts on “IMATS Vancouver Part 1 – Exhibitors

  1. This looked so great! I really wish that we had something like that here. Actually, there was a beauty/makeup show here but as far as vendors went, it kind of sucked so I didn’t attend. Part of the problem is that companies are not willing to travel to Hawaii because of the expense. Of course in better economic times it might be a different story. I’m looking forward to your part 2 post and seeing your haul!

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