Facial treatment experience at AmorePacific and…

It is no secret that one of my favourite skincare brands is AmorePacific. You can see the many posts I have written about the products from that brand. I had recently met the counter manager at AmorePacific in Vancouver, Shaly, and I was overjoyed when Shaly invited me to come in for a facial treatment experience at their counter on one Saturday afternoon in July. One of my friends, Caroline, had just purchased the Treatment Enzyme Peel as well, so we went for the experience together.

While the AmorePacific counter was just a counter inside Holt Renfrew, the facial took place in a private room near the HR beauty department. My facial was done by a specialist esthetician who does these facials for AmorePacific every two weeks.

The facialist first used the Treatment Cleansing Oil to cleanse off any excess makeup or oil on the skin’s surface. Then she used the Treatment Enzyme Peel for a deeper clean and exfoliation. To give my skin back some moisture, she applied Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System, with a cotton pad to provide a base for the rest of the skincare items (for better absorption). She massaged my skin with Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme (Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel on my eyes) and then used the Vitalizing Masque to seal in all the moisture. She placed warm, moist towels over my eyes to help me relax better and then waited for about 15-20 minutes for the products to absorb. While she was waiting, she gave me a nice neck and shoulder massage using the Vitalizing Masque. She then wiped off everything with another warm, moist towel and again applied the Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System. She finished off by using the Moisture Bound Rejuvenating series again to seal off everything. The entire experience was about an hour from start to finish.

My skin was glowing by the end. It was very nicely hydrated, not sensitive at all (which can sometimes happen when I use too many products on my face), but also not oily/greasy either (which is another possibility if I have too many products on my face). My skin just felt very comfortable.

While Caroline was getting her facial done, I was sitting by the counter just chatting to Shaly. I learned a bit more about the AmorePacific brand and the waiting time went by very quickly. Shaly uses the AmorePacific line as well, and her skin is amazing: glowing and smooth even with very minimal makeup on.

Overall the experience was wonderful. Again as I have said many times, I highly recommend AmorePacific products. They are expensive but it really works (and a little goes a very long way). And as Shaly said today: prevention is key, don’t wait until you get wrinkles and spots to treat them.

The facials at AmorePacific counters are complimentary with the expected purchase of products (the booking fee is normally $50 and redeemable on products, but to make it easier they just expect you to purchase products at the end instead of charging you money first and then crediting you the amount). You can call to book an appointment at (604) 681-3121 and ask to speak to Shaly at the AmorePacific counter, or visit in person at Holt Renfrew downtown Vancouver.

P.S. Today was my birthday! Happy birthday to moi =)


15 thoughts on “Facial treatment experience at AmorePacific and…

  1. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I hope you had a good one! The facial sounds heavenly! Wow! Everything about that facial sounds rejuvenating and an important step to maintaining that youthful glow. So glad you shared your experience. I was curious about what happened with the Chanel associate!

  2. Happy Birthday Sheila!

    Btw, have you tried Kiehl’s products? What do you think about them? Any experience to share? I can’t wait for your review on them. 😛 thanks!

    • Hi Jane! I haven’t yet, just their lip balm, but I will be trying them soon as I just received a couple of items from them. Will keep you updated! =)

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