Swatch/Thoughts: Dior Vernis in 638 Aloha… a new breed of polishes!

Sorry for being MIA. I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t been blogging regularly like I usually do because I’ve been so busy this week. I should be free by next week so I’ll be sure to have lots of content for you.

I purchased Dior Aloha a few weeks ago. I am mesmerized by bright colours this summer, as you can see with my obsession with Mimosa. I didn’t consider buying Paradise, which is the bright pink polish, because I already have enough pinks in my stash. Orange, however, was a totally different story.

Aloha is a super bright, neon orange. It is the brightest colour in my entire stash. It looks glowing when you first put it on and stays like that for a few days. It does dull down a bit after about 4-5 days, but mainly due to the top coat rubbing away. Here is a swatch of it in natural light.

The nail polish itself is different from other polishes I’ve used in the past. It reminds me of liquid rubber in the way that it applies: somewhat thicker and slightly sticky. Because of this, it is very opaque and you can probably get away with just one coat of this. This is what it looks like in direct sunlight.

The Dior top coat is AMAZING. It dries down instantly and makes the nail polish underneath dry down completely as well. It is very thin, almost like a watery serum, but is super glossy and protects the colour and my nails really well. Because it is so thin, though, it does seem to rub away after a few days, making the colour look slightly dull. A close-up in direct sunlight, Aloha is creamy but leaning towards a jelly.

I would highly recommend you get your hands on either Aloha or Paradise, because is not only are the colours and formula unique, but the value of the duo is really good as well. Dior polishes are usually around $22-24 each, and the top coat is that much as well, but you get both for $29 in Canada, which is really good (in my books).


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