Photo/Info: Collection Byzance de Chanel

The Collection Byzance de Chanel will be comprised of:

  • Le 4 Quadra Eyeshadow palette in Regard Signe de Chanel
  • Joues Contraste blush in Or and Rouge
  • Rouge Allure in Rouge Byzantine

In addition, there will also be a limited edition highlight palette that is available. It is extremely limited edition, with only 1500 that was made for the entire world, and can be purchased for $250 at select Chanel boutiques. You can see photos of this palette here on Cafe Makeup.

There is nothing interesting for me in this collection, although I’ve asked my Chanel SA to call me when they get it in so I can at least play with some of the stuff. This collection speaks “fall” to me, even though summer isn’t yet here… Whats on your list?

Collection info source


8 thoughts on “Photo/Info: Collection Byzance de Chanel

    • Hey Stacia,

      Just to clarify, it is not a fall collection. It’s called the fast track collection where limited collection of makeup released in collaboration with the petite walk show. It was the Shanghai Express last year remember? x

  1. I think I will get the Rouge Allure, I love the formula. For the rest, I will have to play with them when they arrive at the counter 🙂 x

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