Full swatches: MAC Surf Baby [link]

MAC Surf Baby is MAC’s annual summer collection that is bright, sunny and beach-y. You can see information for the collection here. Iswii has posted up swatches for basically everything in the collection here.

What are you thinking of getting? That blush looks really good, so does the lipstick in Hibiscus. Whats on your list? =D

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8 thoughts on “Full swatches: MAC Surf Baby [link]

  1. Sorry, I hit the reply button too quickly. Anyway, I wanted to say that the model looks like she just washed up on the beach after being shipwrecked!

    The did a gold overlay in a hibiscus design. I guess that it’s okay but I don’t like hibiscus–yeah, it’s our State flower but I still think hibiscus is kind of ugly. *hides*

    • LOL yes the model doesn’t look too good. I don’t like her super light eyebrows, looks like she doesn’t have any eyebrows.

      LOL at the hibiscus XD I don’t even know what our provincial flower is, so at least you are aware of stuff like that XD

  2. oh wow the blush looks nice and love the flower thingy. the model looks pretty scary though like shes going to eat somebody’s flesh. ahahahaha.

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