Mask reviews: Neutrogena Hydro Boost, Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Whitening, Silk Whitia

Some mask reviews for you! Hopefully this is helpful in helping you make your purchasing decisions =)

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask

  • Texture & fit: Cloth mask with thousands of little holes in it, claims that the holes hold more serum and so more serum is transferred to your skin. The fit is almost perfect for my face shape. I like that the hole for the mouth is wider than the other masks I’ve tried; that makes it very comfortable to wear. Also because of the little holes, I find that this stays on my face easier than a mask with the same thickness but without holes.
  • Scent: Chemicals. Probably the first thing I noticed was that it smells all too much like my high school chemistry classroom, somewhat of a turn-off I would say.
  • Price: I received this from Evie, but from doing a bit of Google-ing, it seems to be about $4 USD per sheet. This is not available in North America.
  • Overall: I don’t really like these any more than My Beauty Diary masks, maybe even less because of the off-putting smell. Hydration level is just average and I didn’t notice any brightening or whitening. Something interesting to note is that I actually woke up with flaky skin even though everything else in my nighttime skincare regime stayed the same (it doesn’t even happen when I don’t use a mask). The design of the mask itself is interesting and if they changed the formula of the serum then I will buy again, otherwise, no thank you!

Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Whitening Mask

  • Texture & fit: Thin paper, reminds me of the new My Beauty Diary masks with similar fit and texture. It sticks to my skin well but the mask is a little wide for me.
  • Scent: Chemicals, but not as strong as the Neutrogena mask.
  • Price: $1.58 on Bobodave
  • Overall: Again, this reminds me a lot of the My Beauty Diary masks, especially their premium line, in terms of texture and level of hydration delivered. I didn’t notice any brightening or whitening, but the serum was light and absorbed quickly, similar to the premium line of MBD masks. The scent is still off-putting, but its not as bad as the Neutrogena. I probably won’t buy again unless they change their scent.

Silk Whitia Mineral Cation Mineral Moisture Mask

  • Texture & fit: Thick cloth, TONS of serum, fits my face shape very well and adheres well, but it was heavy, so it kept sliding downwards
  • Scent: Soft floral
  • Price: I don’t know, you can probably get this off Sasa (I got this from Evie)
  • Overall: There was a ton of serum in this mask, it probably wouldn’t dry out even if I had it on my face for 2 hours. When I took it off after about 40 minutes, I was shocked by how bright/whitened my face looked, but because Silk Whitia masks need to be washed off, after the wash my skin looked normal again. There was a good level of moisture that the mask was able to provide though. However I probably won’t buy it again because I prefer not to have to wash off the left-over serum after the mask gets taken off.

4 thoughts on “Mask reviews: Neutrogena Hydro Boost, Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Whitening, Silk Whitia

  1. OoOoO i just got some my beauty diary mask but i haven’t use it yet, i hope its good. i saw some silk whitia mask and was going to get some but i better not. thanks for the review of masks.

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